5 Years Together!

Today is a special day. Today is not only my cousin’s Lukas birthday (best wishes to him), but it is also mine and Edward’s 5 years together anniversary! The whole 5 years!!!

Like in every healthy family, during our 5 years together, some days were better days and some were worse. But most of the time I find myself  questioning- ‘what is it so good that I must have done in the past to deserve such a wonderful man in my life?!’. And it is really true. Edward is wonderful partner, amazing dad, my best friend and everything I could ever hoped for. He is here when days are tough, he is here to support, to advice. He always believes in me, whatever i do and never puts me down. Edward makes sure to tell me how much I I mean to him, what more could I expect?

5 years flew by. So much changed and so much happened. Scrolling old pictures today I put some of them together to see what each year brought us.


Definitely year of partying! Edward and I met at work in 2010. Life was all about parties then. Clubs, pubs, friends- never bored, hardly ever at home!5 Years Together! Continue reading 5 Years Together!

Happy 2016!!!

new years eve 2016 justina ivanauskiene

For the New Year 2016, I am wishing you a lot of happiness, peace, and warmth. Thank you for all good emotions, for the support and for staying with us throughout. If you are reading this right now, you are one of those amazing, wonderful people, making me incredibly lucky and helping me feel, that I am never alone. You, my beautiful virtual friends, are always here for me. THANK YOU AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!

The year 2015 will always be special for us, so much happened. It was just rapid. At the beginning of 2015 we didn’t even have a thought about reallocating, but here we are, getting  ourselves comfortable in another side of the country. Big step it was…

But the biggest event last year was of course Harry’s birth. It turned our life upside down, but definitely only in a good way! Hello 2016 now, with two fresh teeth, big smile on his face and eager to learn (Harry, not me 🙂 )… I hope it will mostly bring wonderful moments as last year did…

Here are a few pictures from our New Years Eve. We had friends round in our place. Food, drinks, loads of chat, all usual stuff for New Years Eve party. Check it out. 🙂 Continue reading Happy 2016!!!

Christmas, Hospitals and First Tooth!

Christmas, Hospitals and First Tooth!Where do I start. This Christmas was eventful – the least I can say. In my previous ‘Christmas Plans‘ post, I explained how we imagined it to be, but it’s not exactly how it went. “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”
― says Allen Saunders.

First of all, we all got some silly terrible flu out of nowhere. Daniella was first. After giving her a bath Tuesday evening (22nd December), I realised she was pretty hot. I didn’t take much notice of it. Just put her to bed, kissed good night and thought she will sleep it off.

I was wrong.

At around midnight I went to check on her and found poor thing boiling hot. I gave Daniella some Calpol and set her to sleep, hoping all will be better in the morning.

That unfortunately didn’t happen. Daniella woke up with the temperature 38.9, feeling extremely poorly. I was struggling to get her temperature down. She has also completely lost her voice and started having a terrible cough. Throughout the day things did not get any better, temperature raised up to nearly 40 degrees and it was almost impossible to get it down. 🙁 Edward has also called from work to say, he was not feeling well.

The timing couldn’t be worse, as we still had to do our grocery shopping that Wednesday. Harry started feeling unwell too. That evening Edward, Daniella and Harry, all had temperature around 39. I was the only one standing, but was also not feeling great – blocked nose, sore throat, I was afraid it was only a matter of time to get temperature too.

Don’t ask me how did we managed to do our grocery shopping, somehow we did. It was the main thing- had to be done before Christmas.

Christmas, Hospitals and First Tooth!

The morning after, on Christmas Eve, things didn’t get any better. But we couldn’t just give up. 12 non meaty Christmas Eve dishes had to go on the table for that dinner as planned. I am not gonna lie, it wasn’t easy. Cooking while looking after ill children and while Edward was unwell was a mission. Continue reading Christmas, Hospitals and First Tooth!

Christmas Plans

Christmas Plans

You might be already fed up with my Christmas posts by now. Sorry if you are, but that’s how we live these days – it’s all about Christmas! Shopping, preparing, planning, decorating, etc… Getting busier as we get closer!

This Christmas we will have Edward’s family visiting- mum, dad and brother. They are coming from London and will be staying for a few days. We are all very excited, Edwards parents will be visiting for the first time since we reallocated. We hope they will enjoy it here. Lola and Lolo are missing their grandchildren and children are missing them. Daniella in particular. She keeps on asking me pretty much every two hours, if Lola and Lolo are coming today. 😀

Luka wont be with us during Christmas this year. She went to London on Saturday to see her dad and they will be flying to Lithuania tomorrow to enjoy celebrations with her Lithuanian grandparents. Luka was looking forward to this holiday for so long. She was hoping to see snow in Lithuania, but, to be honest, I don’t think it will happen – it’s far too warm this year!

Edward and I done one part of our Christmas shopping last weekend.  We got pretty much all the presents, that we needed to get (not for each other yet!!!), also some more Christmas decorations for the house along with Christmas crackers. In terms of food we bought nice cuts of beef and gammon for roasting – it will be served for Christmas dinner and some vegetables. We are still due for proper grocery shopping tomorrow or on Wednesday. Continue reading Christmas Plans

Edward’s Birthday

Today was a very special day! Edward’s 34th birthday. I’ll be honest here. I messed up. I was so sure it falls on Tuesday and I only realised yesterday, that it’s actually on Monday- 1 day earlier than I expected. What can I say, since I am a last-minute kind of person, it got me completely unprepared! 🙁

Thank God, Edward is not a ‘drama queen’- he was more than understanding and didn’t make a big fuss out of it. But me wouldn’t be me- I could not go to sleep feeling guilty, I had to do something. Birthday doesn’t happen every day. As soon as Edward left to work, I started researching local restaurants, for Edward’s birthday dinner tonight.

Edward's Birthday, edward manzano

My original choice was newly opened Chiquito restaurant in Stoke-on-Trent. But after announcing it to Edward, he suggested to go to Frankie & Benny’s instead and since it was his birthday today, I had no choice, but to agree.

Before Edward came back from work, I have prepared a little birthday cake, that his brother brought on the weekend and we forgot to eat it (thank you Jim 🙂 ) and some rose wine, that we had in the fridge. For Edward’s present I hand-made a ‘shopping voucher’ – I was planning to get it anyway. Since Harry was born, we haven’t really been for proper clothes shopping. It’s really about time to get some new clothes, so I know my ‘voucher’ is something, that Edward will really find useful- I will exchange it in cash, of course, once my man is ready for shopping. 🙂 Continue reading Edward’s Birthday