What We’ve Been Up To

Happy days! I have managed to fix the main bug on my blog, that was turning photos into horrible quality, and few other small bugs. It means I can write again! I feel so relieved, I really missed it! 🙂

Since I haven’t been around for a while, I thought it would be nice to write a little update on what we’ve been up to during that time. If you follow me on social media, you probably know, that I am still alive and more less of what was going on in my life, as I do share pictures occasionally. But just in case you missed something, have a read below! 🙂

My eldest daughter Luka’s 13th birthday was at the end o August! She has decided not to have a party at home, but a fun day out. We went to Flip Out, which was so cool. I really wanted to jump too, but I didn’t. Ah, next time. 🙂

What We Been Up To

We had our lunch out and played some bowling. Then our dinner was @ McDonalds, as per Luka’s request. Was super-fun day!

What We Been Up To

What We Been Up ToAbout a week ago, on Sunday, we went to the circus! Daniella and Luka both really enjoyed. Even Harry was happily clapping throughout the first part of the performance. During the second part he was sleeping…

What We Been Up To

What We Been Up To

In terms of our family days out, we didn’t go too far recently. We were exploring around. One of the places, that deserves a mention is Cannock Chase Forest. It’s a lovely place with a lot of pine trees around, huge picnic area, Go Ape, cyclists trails, cute cafe, playground, etc. Kids loved it and so did we! Continue reading What We’ve Been Up To

Breastfeeding or Bottle Feeding

Breastfeeding or Bottle FeedingGiving birth to 3 beautiful children, has left me with 3 different experiences, that influenced my views while making a decision on breastfeeding or bottle feeding.

I was 21 years old only when I had my eldest daughter Luka. I thought I was an adult, but, honestly, I wasn’t. Looking back, I can confidently say – I was then a child having a child. Therefore my views on having a baby (or raising a child) where totally different from what they are today. Perhaps it’s one of the reasons, why I found parenting so complicated back then.

After Luka was born, I did try to breastfeed her. But It didn’t even last a week. I was finding breastfeeding extremely inconvenient, painful and on the top of that, I ended up with a terrible mastitis. I soon gave up. I believe it was also lack of information and also support. Breastfeeding or bottle feeding was no longer in question for me. I decided to go with the easiest option – I quit nursing and started formulas instead.

It didn’t seem to make my life any easier though. Waking up at night, getting formula ready, while baby is already screaming with hungriness. And then feeding from the bottle (trying to hold it properly while my own body is switching off as tiredness is taking over), etc.

Nine years later, Daniella was born. I was, of course, then 9 years older and 9 years wiser perhaps, compared to how I was with my first baby – Luka. Breastfeeding or bottle feeding was question raised again. This time I said to myself, that I need to be strong and go ahead with breastfeeding. Whatever it takes.

So I did.

Ah, it wasn’t easy at all. The pain during those first weeks was unbearable! I was so scared of every feeding approaching! I wanted to shout, cry, scream, I wanted to quit and go with the bottle feeding instead. It was really really bad.

But I did it! Extracting the milk and nipple shields helped me to survive it. So I successfully continued breastfeeding Daniella.

As soon as nursing stopped hurting (couple of weeks on), that’s when I saw main benefits of breastfeeding.

I am not talking about baby here. Call me selfish, but I found breastfeeding beneficial to ME! During the first days/ weeks, when baby is still so tiny and when I was not yet fully recovered from giving birth, the little lie in, while baby was nursing, was a true life saver for me. Knowing myself, otherwise, I would have handed a bottle to Edward or Luka, so I could get on with my  cleaning or cooking or doing other (not) so-important work in the house. Believe me, house chores can wait. That half an hour of peace while baby is breastfeeding, is very important. Probably more important, than I ever thought it would be. Not only for baby, but for mummy especially. It does help to regain lost energy, improves the mood and life doesn’t look as complicated after all! 🙂

Breastfeeding or Bottle Feeding

Another reason for applauding breastfeeding is when Daniella used to wake up at night. Not having to make formula worked out so well and, again, gave me the so much needed few more minutes of rest. I used to take Daniella in our bed and she would be nursing while I was carrying on with my sleep. I came to the point, that I wouldn’t even remember waking up at night, I only knew, as I was waking up with my baby next to me. Continue reading Breastfeeding or Bottle Feeding

I am Officially Unemployed *meh*

I am Officially Unemployed *meh*Leaving our hectic life in London for a fresh start 160 miles away has left me with no choice, but to resign from my Front of House Administrator’s position @ one of Hilton’s family hotels back in London.Travelling from Staffordshire to London for work would be simply impossible – it’s too far away (or I don’t get paid enough to cover travelling costs ha ha). It means, I won’t be coming back to my working place, where I spent the whole past 5 years. No denying, was a big part of my life- with ups and downs, but I loved it regardless.

I have already resigned from my position at the beginning of this month and I am now officially unemployed (I hate to say this) or FULL-TIME MUMMY in other words. It took some time to get used to the thought and I actually feel pretty devastated. I am already missing it. 🙁

It feels very strange knowing, that I will be unemployed for God knows how long. We have no one around to look after children, so I will have to wait for Harry to get old enough to start the nursery and only then I can start looking for a job again. Do I feel happy? Strangely not extremely. As much as I love my children and enjoy spending time with them, I often feel, that I also miss adult’s company during the day. I love my babies more than anything in the world, but I feel that this time at home is slowing down my personal development.

I am Officially Unemployed *meh*I am  scared, that in the long term I will become one of those mums,  moaning about someones shoes put in the wrong place, plate in the sink and not in a dishwasher or eating biscuits in a living room (I already complain about all of these actually 😀 ). I desperately need to get out of the house ha ha.I am Officially Unemployed *meh*

But if you think, that I am bored at home, you are very wrong. My day is as busy as it can get. Looking after 3 children it’s a hard job itself. Cleaning, laundry, feeding, putting to sleep. The only break throughout my day that I have is when Daniella and Harry are both asleep, I then make a cup of tea for myself and either work on my blog (it’s not only about writing posts or many technical issues to fix as well), or on another project of mine, that requires more of my time, than I normally have. My head is buzzing with ideas, but I can never find enough time to make them live. 🙁

I am Officially Unemployed *meh*Sooner than I realise, Daniella and Harry are up from their afternoon nap again, Luka is back from school and it’s then time to prepare dinner. Then Edward comes back from work, we eat and the day is nearly over.

I punish myself for not going out enough during the week. But I am just so panicky, that something will remain undone (one of those obsessed mummy symptoms). Or that my little project (that one day hopefully might turn into some additional income) will remain neglected. But (once again) I miss some adult talk. I miss seeing people, dressing up and going out to work. I honestly really hope, that my unemployment won’t last for long. Once Harry is a little older, mummy will start searching for a new job. 🙂

Are you, or have ever been a full-time Mummy? I will be very keen to find out if you felt the same or any different? How do/did you organize your day? Let me know in the comments bellow. 🙂my life, my passion

My Makeover & Harry’s First Haircut

Before I share our holiday in Lithuania experience, I thought mine and Harry’s haircuts deserve a special attention and the whole separate post. I really want to share this with you!

My Makeover & Harry's First Haircut

I had my haircut and colour done last week, on Saturday. I needed it badly, as I couldn’t control my hair no more and hated the way it looked.  I also wanted to look pretty before our holiday in Lithuania, of course. 🙂

This time I opted for a tiny change. My plan was to get my fringe back. I really missed it and (being completely honest) I love how it helps me to cover those fast appearing wrinkles on my forehead (I hate them so much!). In terms of colour, I wanted to add some darker highlights into my forever blond hair colour. I would have loved to dye it dark or chocolate brown completely, but darker shades simply doesn’t suit me at all! 🙁

I handed myself into Laura’s from Socio Hairdressing arms and was kind of hoping for the miracle!

I had highlights done- some blond and some very dark brown. We left more blond hair at the front, near my face and added many dark highlights at the back. After the colour was done, Laura from Socio Hairdressing cut my fringe and trimmed the ends. I was very happy with the final result! What do you think? (Sorry about my silly selfies, it wasn’t meant to go on the blog)

My Makeover & Harry's First Haircut

Harry’s first haircut ever was done in Lithuania. Our boy is not even 10 months old yet, but he was desperate for a haircut already! I booked the appointment for him at the place, that specialises in cutting children’s hair – have all the equipment required to keep little ones nice and calm- toys, cartoons, books… Harry was given an Ipad playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (his hit number 1). He was so interested in the song, that the hairdresser could cut his hair without stressing at all. Continue reading My Makeover & Harry’s First Haircut

Bargain Hunters- Casual Wear

Bargain HuntersI can’t help but smile remembering myself and Edward few years ago and seeing us now. We were not interested in saving money whatsoever, used to spend a lot on clothes and other (mostly unnecessary) things, used to live from salary to salary and didn’t want to see it any other way!

After we done some shopping on the weekend for our children, I now can clearly see how much we changed! Going through the items that we bought and checking their price tags, I realised, that nearly all our weekend purchases were bought in sales. Coincidence? I don’t think so. We are just turning in to – so-called – bargain hunters!

See it yourself.

For Luka (12 years old) our aim was to get some summer clothes, as she (lucky for some) will be going to Tenerife with her dad (my ex-husband) soon for some holiday and to the wedding.

We bought her 2 vest tops – white and green, from Peacocks shop – ÂŁ3 each. They also had pink in colour, but Luka had chosen those two.

Bargain Hunters

Continue reading Bargain Hunters- Casual Wear