Daniella- our Beautiful Toddler Girl

Scrolling down through my blog, bringing back old memories,  I just suddenly realised, that most of my recent posts Beautiful Toddler Girlare about our newest addition – Harry and my other family members are kind of left aside a bit, which is completely not right.  Having a third baby turned our life upside down again. He has just reached two months old recently. But enough about Harry, lets talk about our toddler Daniella today!

Being so occupied with our new baby I haven’t actually realised of how much Daniella has grown during these past two months. She was our youngest before Harry, always defended by us, no matter whether she was right or wrong- Harry’s arrival must have been such a big change for her!

I know I have said that before (not once and not twice), but I want to repeat it over and over again – I am so pleasantly surprised on how Daniella welcomed our little Harry into our family! I always thought it will be my biggest challenge to deal with her jealousy because of lack of attention to her after baby brother’s birth, but so far it was really really good- Daniella loves her baby brother to bits. Kisses him, cuddles him, talks to him, shows toys and even explains colours. Continue reading Daniella- our Beautiful Toddler Girl

Daniella’s 2nd Birthday!

Goodness me!!! My baby girl has just turned two!! It’s already hard to remember how she looked when she was a tiny baby! So happy I have all posts and videos since she was born. I am missing it already… Happy Birthday, Our Little Angel!!! xxx

Daniella’s real birthday is 7th of October. This year it turned out on Tuesday, so main celebrations we moved to Sunday.

We didn’t do anything big this year. Since we were busy with finding and moving home, we didn’t have much time to organise everything. We have invited Edward’s family and cousin and my family to enjoy Daniella’s celebrations. Daniella was overwhelmed with so much attention, with her birthday presents and a cake! We all really enjoyed her special day.


Edward and I bought Daniella a Baby Born Dolly and a dolly’s cot. We knew she would be happy as she is such a mini mummy already. 😀 Daniella has few baby dolls in her toys collection, but they are all quite worn out, so we decided to renew. I just regret, that I didn’t film that moment when she was unwrapping it! she was so interested straight away! Started comforting her baby doll, put in a cot and took all the responsibility of being a new mummy – glad we have chosen this!

Daniella received many more presents from our loving families. Mostly clothes (I am so happy about it, less things for me to worry about)! Cute little dresses, pyjamas, hat, some toys. etc… Thanks to all so so so much!

Below are some pictures from Daniella’s birthday. I have to apologise about the quality, our camera gave up. Enjoy 🙂

Daniella’s Christening Day

So I finally decided to write about Daniella’s christening! It happened on 29th of September and that day could not be any more beautiful to us and our little Daniella. All preparations before the actual Christening were endless. Starting with looking for the venue, taking care of invitations and finishing with slide show preparations (that didn’t work at the end), program planning and our own outfits.

For the Christening venue we picked The Shanghai restaurant in Romford. It perfectly suited us, as it is a cosy place, have nice food and for a reasonable price when booking an event, takes care of all decorations, includes their own DJ and has a karaoke entertainment. We booked our party for 70 people.

In terms of outfits, we decided to all wear bright colours with a little touch of purple. Daniella’s dress we bought in Debenghams for £48. We picked the dress ourselves, but it was a present from Edwards cousin Belina (she gave us the money to buy it). Big thanks to her for that.
Luka’s dress we bought in M&S. My dress was from Jane Norman and Edward was wearing Shirts from Zara and trousers from H&M.

To be Daniella’s God Parents we picked Edward’s brother Jim and my sister Jurga. It was also Jim’s birthday that day, so we decided to do a little surprise. Or.. I wish it was a surprise.. Edward wrote To Do list on out white board in the kitchen. One of the tasks was ‘Jim’s surprise birthday cake’. And.. When Jim came over to visit us, he saw this written on the board and surprise was not really surprise no more.. Oh well. At least he didn’t know what kind of cake we were getting for him. Since Jim is in love with Volkswagens and he also drives one, we ordered a cake, that looked pretty much like his car (just the colour was not exactly the way we wanted to be).

So on the day of Daniella’s christening we all woke up early and got ready for the church. At the church all went alright. Daniella didn’t cry, just was over excited and moving, turning, twisting all the time. After the ceremony we made some pictures and went to get ready for the party.

The restaurant looked beautiful. Lovely decorations, balloons, flowers.. So venue was a good choice at the end. Daniella’s Christening cake was present from her Godfather Jim. It looked amazing (and tasty)!

When our guests arrived, we started our mini program, that we prepared with Edward. Firstly we welcomed all the guests (Edward was doing all the talking, as I have a stage fright 😉 ). Then Edward sang a song for Daniella – ‘You are so beautiful’ by Joe Cocker. After that we thanked our parents for their support. We bought beautiful flowers for them to show how much we appreciate their input. Then it was Jim’s turn to sing. He is also amazing singer and sang a song ‘I will be here’ by Gary V. After Jim’s song we announced about his birthday, brought his cake out and wished him happy birthday.

After the program we started karaoke. I have to admit that Filipino people are very good singers. I didn’t see any Lithuanians singing though. 🙂

We finished the party with some dances at around 11pm. Was great fun and our princess is real Catholic now. Thanks to all who attended! :)x

Spending Money Wisely

Since we decided to try saving money with Edward, I started to look at how much things cost more closely. We realised that we spend a loads of money on things that are unnecessary to us or even things that we do not need at all!! I started to read a book that I got from my sister about money saving and I finally realised what money wasters we are!

So Edward and I got quite excited about saving money. We started to make lists for food shopping, so we don’t buy unneeded stuff, less restaurants and take aways (we cannot completely say no to those as we will get depressed very soon). So overall trying to spend our money more wisely.

It is just a beginning of us trying to save, so I cannot share exciting results yet, but I can honestly say – saving (or looking for bargains) can be fun!

Here is a perfect example: today I went to buy couple of clothes for Daniella. The weather is getting warm now and she grew out of most of her summer clothes already! 🙂

Here is what I got (I was impressed with myself big time!):

Navy blue tracksuit bottoms from H&M – £1! (There was no label, so not sure what was the original price)
Pink knee length leggings from H&M- £1! (Discounted from £2.50)
Pink leggings with a kitten from H&M – £2! (Discounted from 3.99)

I also found some very cute t-shirts in.. Primark! 🙂

Green with heart and pink ‘daddy’s girl’ t-shirts were £1.50 each! 

Pink striped and white – £3.50 for two pack.

Overall I spent £10.50 for Daniella’s clothes today and I got 7 items for that! Normally we would hardly get one for this price.. 🙂 Learning fast, hugh? 🙂

Daniella Tries to Keep Herself Awake

Daniella became so cheeky these days. Since she started crawling it feels that she is so much bigger and smarter now! It’s becoming more and more fun every day!

Here  are three videos of how she tries to keep herself awake by playing peekaboo, clapping hands (or her own head) or talking in her own language! So funny and so cute. 🙂 Even though to put her to sleep takes more than half an hour sometimes. After all efforts to keep herself awake, Daniella finally gives up and falls asleep with no rocking. However, I have to sit next to her cot and watch her, otherwise she would roll onto her tummy to play or stand up in the cot all happy that mummy is not watching her. Continue reading Daniella Tries to Keep Herself Awake