13th Month

I was thinking for a while if I should keep on writing of Daniellas development, as since she’s 1 now, it feels like everything is slowing down. Not so many things to write about no more..

Anyways, I have decided to keep up with her monthly updates until 18 months or so and then we will see. 🙂

As most of you already know, Daniella made her first steps one day before her Christening- 28th of September. She was still quite lazy to walk after that. Most of the time she preferred crawling rather than walking. However, now she is very confident to walk. It is not always so easy, as Daniella wants to be much more independent now – wants to walk on her own in the shop, not that happy to sit in her pram for long time. Challenge after challenge.:)

Daniella eats pretty much everything. She is also learning to use fork on her own- it goes well so far, just can get extremely messy! We bought her a baby bowl from Mamas & Papas that can stick to the table, so at least she doesn’t drop her plate on the floor. And she is enjoying it so much! Continue reading 13th Month

12th Month

After one months break I am back to blogging again! Last month was super active for us- christening preparations, work, Daniella’s first birthday… But I missed blogging so much. There was no one day without thinking and feeling guilty for not blogging. So many things to write about. 🙂

So Happy 1st Birthday our little Daniella!

This year has gone extremely fast. Many things had changed. And I have to admit, that I have never been so happy before. My family is everything to me.
One super exciting event happened to us just one day before Daniella’s christening – 28th of September. That day Daniella made her very first steps on her own. However, she is still not too keen on walking independently. Daniella prefers crawling, as it is much faster for her. But sometimes she simply stands up in a middle of the room and slowly walks to the sofa, table or any other object that she has chosen to.

Our princess now loves being in children’s company. She is getting more and more interested of other kids playing around. My sister has 3 years old boy. It is lovely to see Daniella and her cousin playing together.

Daniella can say mama, dada (daddy), bye bye, nana (banana), nom nom…. It’s so sweet to see her more and more involved into everyday life…

Daniella’s sleep has not changed that much. She falls asleep at 9.30pm, wakes up at around 7am. During the day she still sleeps twice. Mornings nap is normally longer than afternoons.

It has become a little bit harder with our little one. She is becoming a bit fussier for food. Prefers sweet tastes over the healthy ones (of course) :). We now give dairy milk every day instead of formula. She seems to like it just as much.

Daniella’s personality is starting to come out now. For example, she is not always happy to be seated in her car seat. She tries hard to keep her back straight, so I would not be able to put her in. Cheeky monkey. 🙂 She also clearly shows when she wants to be picked up, or when she would like to go on the floor. Points with her little finger to the directions in the room, where she would like to be taken!

But she is also so so so sweet. Gives kiss to mummy or daddy when asked (if in a mood), loves hugs, cuddles or daddy”s tickling. Daniella in general is very smiley baby. It is just wonderful to see her cute smile every day…

I have so much to write about. Will tell you about Daniella’s christening in my next story. Also we are off to Egypt this Thursday. So looking forward to that! Our holiday adventures and pictures will be posted here soon! xx


11th Month

Sorry for being late with this post. I simply did not realise that another month has passed. It’s just too quick!!

Oh God, we are 11 months already.. I will certainly miss Daniella being a baby… She is growing into a lovely toddler now.

During her 11th month Daniella changed quite  bit. She is now a smart cheeky girl, normally very happy, but can turn into a little cute monster if doesn’t get what she wants!

Daniella is now very confident at standing and walking while holding on furniture. She could easily walk on her own if she wanted to. But it seems that old good crawling is a better option for her. Hopefully not for long. 🙂

Daniella’s sleep. Hmmmm. Hard to say. With ups and downs. Goes to sleep at 9pm, wakes up at 6am. I recently realised, that after I her give milk, she would fall back asleep until about 8.30am. Those days are blessed. Otherwise I am forced to make myself awake and get on with my day from 6am. I wouldn’t say that it is thaaat bad, as normally I have to wake up to work at 6.20am, so I am nearly used to it. But still prefer to sleep a bit longer on my days off….

During the day Daniella  sleeps twice. Morning and afternoon. Day sleeps take around two hours each.

At the beginning of this month I stopped nursing Daniella. We now use Aptamil formula as a replacement. If I will ever have another baby, I will certainly be nursing again! Making formula at early hours or in a middle of the night is so so so annoying!!! Nursing makes it all so much easier!

Daniella still loves eating. We give her pretty much everything we eat. Our baby still only drinks water and milk. When drinking from the bottle she can now hold it properly herself. I’m loving it. 🙂

We didn’t get any new teeth yet. Still six.

One more thing that I realised last month is that when Daniella is on the bed, she is not crawling like crazy to the side of it, risking to fall off. She is now much more careful and whenever she fancies to go down, she turns around, puts her legs down and gets herself on the floor! Even though I never leave Daniella on the bed by herself, still watching her closely, she is still such a baby to me…

In general it was an active month for us. Daniella is more and more interested in what’s happening in the world. wants to touch things, to taste everything. It’s funny to see her playing with our new Bichon Frise puppy Salsa. They are so alike doing things together. 🙂

Daniella does not pull pets hairs no more. Plays nicely with them. Strokes and cuddles.

September will be another busy month for us, as it’s Daniella christening this month. I cannot believe, that my next update will be on her first birthday… Knowing it makes me feel emotional.xxx



10th Month

Time is flying as always and here we are 10 months old now. Getting bigger and smarter day by day.

Daniella grew up a lot this month. She can crawl so fast now, that I have to make some effort to catch her! She is becoming so independent. She is cheeky little monkey – knows that I don’t like her going to the bathroom, as there is a cat litter over there and all cleaning liquids that are not good for her to touch, but whenever she sees the door open, she crawls to the bathroom so fast, that I am not always able to stop her on time. Cheeky thing.

Daniella can also stand up very easily and walk while holding to the furniture. She is also is able to stand for some time not holding! I guess Daniella will start walking pretty soon!

Another cute thing is that Daniella recognises people in the pictures and happily points with her little finger when asked where is mummy, where is daddy, etc..

We still have the same six teeth. I believe some more are coming very soon, as her gums are pretty swollen and she is naughtier a bit. Talking about teeth, we brush them every evening with a little toothbrush. Daniella loves it so far.

Daniella eats all sorts of food. She loves fruits, biscuits and everything else, to be honest. 🙂 She is not fussy eater at all.  Eats whatever is on the plate. How nice.

Daniella’s night sleep, however, got a bit worse. She falls asleep at around 9.30pm. Edward or  I have to sit next to her in the bedroom while she brings herself to sleep, otherwise we will find this cheeky girl standing in her cot and laughing. At 4am she normally wakes up for nursing (this is the only time when i nurse her). Then falls back asleep. Until 6am or 6.30am. Not to my liking at all.

During the day Daniella sleeps 2 to 3 times. Morning nap normally lasts for about an hour, afternoon nap could be up to 3 hours!



9th Month

Daniella has six teeth now!!! They all came nearly at the same time. Teething is going well for us. It doesn’t seem to bother Daniella too much. She is just as happy as always.

The most exciting event last month was when Daniella started to crawl! It happened at the beginning of the month, 15th of June. It was quite unexpected, as I thought she was still pretty unstable in her crawling position, rocking herself backwards and forwards. But Daniella surprised everyone by her first crawling trials. 🙂

Daniella can crawl really fast now. from one room to another. From mirror to the cat’s food, that I found her eating at least three times already! Daniella was extremely upset when i took it off her mouth!

Daniella can now easily stand up in her cot, next to the coffee table or TV table. She can stand holding on something for quite a while. Enjoys it so much.

Daniella’s sleeping patterns didn’t change much. Still bed time at 9pm. Wakes up at 5.30 or 6am for nursing and normally falls back asleep till 7am. Hghrgh… :/ Too early for me…

Our little one still sleeps 3 times during the day. She is having her day naps in her lovely cot. no more rocking. I just  have to sit next to her and wait for her to fall asleep. After some trials to keep herself awake, Daniella finally gives up and falls asleep.

Daniella is not fussy for food at all. Eats everything we give her. Especially loves Hipp biscuits for babies and bananas. I only nurse her twice a day now. Morning and evening.

In general it is really fun now having this baby. She is so playful and so cute! She likes cuddling, tickling. She laughs out loud when we make funny expressions.

I cannot think of anything else at the moment, as I am extremely tired today – I got back to work already (more about this will be in another article). If there is something I forgot to mention about, I will update this post as soon as I remember. 🙂 (Also video will be uploaded soon).