8th Month

8 Months Old babyAlright… While our now eight months old baby girl is sleeping, I can write an update of how did it go last month.

One of the most exciting news is that we finally have our first tooth! Teething is actually going better than we thought it would. Daniella isn’t too naughty and sleeps well. We hardly even use medicines for teething.

8 Months Old playing with cats toysDaniella isn’t crawling yet (even though I never find her in the same place where I left her no more), but I think she is very near to proper crawling. From sitting or lying positions she can get into crawling position in seconds. Then rocks herself forwards and backwards happily. 🙂 Unfortunately our floor is very slippery at home, I guess it slows down this learning process too.. I bought Daniella some ‘anti slip’ crawling tights, but they didn’t work for us.. 🙁

8 Months Old mamas & papas swingDaniella’s sleep improved again. She still goes to sleep at 9pm, then most of the nights she would wake up at around 6am or 6.30 am, but after nursing Daniella would fall back asleep straight away and sleeps till about 8.30am. There were couple of mornings that she slept till 9.30am or 10.00am!!

8 Months Old baby led weaningDuring the day Daniella still sleeps in her Mamas & Papas swing. However, she is growing out of it, so I have no choice, but to try get her to sleep in her cot during the day too. Our princess doesn’t seem to be too impressed. Wants to play in the cot instead. But I try to be strict and sooner or later, after some loud crying, Daniella gives up and I win (mostly, but not always)!

Eating is going very well. She is not a fussy eater at all. I give Daniella pretty much everything what we eat, but no salt, or very little. She loves all kind of meats, fish, pasta, adores bananas, melon and baby cookies.

8 Months Old baby in the parkI am actually amused how well she can feed herself by now. Not spoon-feed, of course,  but finger food. Eating is not as messy as it used to be. If I give Daniella butter on toast, she will eat it nicely and when there is only a little piece left in her hand, she would take it with another hand and put nicely in her mouth. Awwwww, so cute!

Buttttt…. During the day it became a bit harder for me when I am alone at home. When I try to clean up, Daniella gets upset if I go to another room. Hoovering became a nightmare for us. Daniella is happy when I hoover the room that she is in, but as soon as I go out she screams herself off. I have no other choice, but to ‘close’ my ears and keep on hoovering, or we will live in a mess if I will follow her rules.

Time is really flying too fast these days.. Daniella is growing and mummy will have to return to work soon.. Ahh ahh :((( Will be heart breaking to leave my pretty angel while going to work… Not looking forward at all…

8 Months Old cartoons8 Months Old

8 Months Old8 Months Old baby

7th Month

7th month

7th month was very exciting for us. Daniella learned so many new things. She can sit confidently on her own now while playing with toys. However, she still has to be seated – didn’t learn yet how to sit up by herself.

Our angel now clearly shows when she wants to be picked up. She raises her hands towards one of us and gets very excited when we respond. 🙂
The cutest thing is that she can clap now. When we sing to her ‘clap your hands’, she happily starts clapping with her little chubby palms. Daniella also does that when she is excited or wants to draw our attention. It always works for her, as silly mummy and daddy are so excited about her new tricks. 🙂
7 months old baby crawlingDaniella also waves ‘good bye’ when daddy goes to work. I think she learned this during her sixth month, but I cannot remember for sure..
When on her tummy, Daniella is much more smarter now. Knows how to twist clockwise or anticlockwise using her little hands. Still loves being on the floor.
Daniella’s legs are very strong since early age. She is always happy to stand up when we are holding her hands. This month, however, she started to make her first little steps while being held. Still very unconfident, but little by little we are getting there. 🙂
Daniella mostly sleeps 3 times per day- morning, afternoon and evening. Sometimes we skip evening sleep, so she is ready for her nights sleep a bit earlier. Normally I would put her into bed for the night at 9pm or 9.30pm (still falls asleep on her own), and she now wakes up at 6.30am (that is far too early for me!)! However, sometimes she falls asleep after feeding again and sleeps till about 8.30am, but sometimes she doesn’t. If I see she is still sleepy at 6.30am, but fighting and prefers to play, I put her in to our Mamas & Papas swing and she would normally fall asleep for one or two hours more.
As Daniella knows now how to move around, couple of times we found her sleeping in a funny positions – on her tummy or different side of the cot. Cute cute! 🙂
7 months old baby baby led weaning
Eating is going well. We are mixing Baby led Weaning and baby foods (pures). Daniella has already tried many different tastes. She loves rice, loves Philadelphia cheese on toast. Only drinks water and my milk.
No teeth yet..
On our 7th month anniversary Daniella had her immunisations. In the evening her body temperature raised to 39.2.. Was heartbreaking to see our normally very active baby so calm and weak.. She is much better now. Hopefully we wont have to experience anything like that at anytime soon..
7 months old baby 7 months old baby christening7 months old baby sleeping
7 months old baby sick7 months old baby
7 months old baby sleeping7 months old baby sleeping




6th Month


six months old baby girlHalf a year went extremely quick.. Life was going fast before we had Daniella, but days are just flying now. I wish I had a pause button to stop it and rest sometimes.
We are six month old now. It is amazing to see how quickly Daniella changes. She is now much more confident to sit up on her own. However, after sitting for couple of minutes she forgets what she is doing and falls on one of the sides.
Daniella is now very good at rolling over. She can do this within seconds. Makes herself comfortable on her tummy and happily wanders around. When on tummy, Daniella now tries to pick her bum up by pulling her chubby legs under the stomach. Is that how they start learning crawling? 🙂
Our baby is still very talky. She can sit in her chair for ages and mumble something in her own language. Makes the whole bunch of different noises. So funny 🙂
six month old baby girl in a swimming pool
As I mentioned in our 5th Month update, we have started solids for Daniella. She seems to love different kind of tastes. I will write a separate article about that later.
Six months old baby girl singing with daddyDaniella still sleeps 3 times per day. Sometimes 4. Falls asleep for a night at 9pm and sleeps throughout entire night. Wakes up at around 7.30 – 8am. There were two nights this month when she kept on waking up crying every hour. I am guessing it was because of her teething (we are still waiting for her teeth to appear), as she also does her tong funny – keeps on rubbing her bottom gums with it. Thank God there were two sleepless nights only. Hopefully we will see her two bottom pearls very soon!

I am not sure if our baby is small, or clothes are big, but Daniella still wears some of her 0 to 3 months old clothes. 3 to 6 month clothes are slightly too big, but not too bad and she is drowning in 6 to 9 months old baby clothes. Pampers size is 4 (7-18kg).

Six months old baby girl Six months old baby girl with lovely familySix months old baby girl with sister

5th Month

five moths old babyHappy 5 month old our little angel. Once again, time flies… Daniella is becoming more and more active, more aware of what is going on around.

Our biggest milestone was at the beginning of this month when Daniella rolled from her back to belly. After she realised she can do it, I could not enjoy peace and quiet no more. 🙂

Our blue chair is not in use anymore. Daniella refuses to sit there. We recently bought Siesta highchair from Mamas & Papas, Daniella happily stays in that one.

Daniella can sit for a short amount of time without any assistance. She is becoming stronger day by day. Our baby also tries to stand up very hard. I think her legs are very strong. She is very confident when standing. Is she gonna start walking before she learns sitting? 🙂

5th Month

Our angel still sleeps 3 to 4 times a day. Goes to bed for a night sleep at 9.30pm. Still falls asleep on her own. At night, however, she now wakes up at 5am or 6am for a feed. But eats for about 5 minutes and falls asleep straight away again. There were three nights in a row that after waking up at 5am she was very playful and didn’t feel like sleeping no more. That was pretty hard, as I like my sleep, but had to play with Daniella then. Thanks God after those three nights all got back to normal. Daniella wakes up at 8am, stays up for an hour or so and goes back to sleep for normally nearly 3 hrs again.

No teeth yet. But I swear, they are so near! I can see changes on her gums, it is a bit swollen and white on the sides and at the top. Daniella bites everything she can reach. She also cries sometimes pretty hard, but as soon as I give her medicines for teething, she stops. We use Anbesol Liquid, I think it is pretty good so far.

5th MonthDaniella loves going outside. She normally falls asleep in her buggy and can sleep for hours in a fresh air. We started to use sitting part of the pram recently. I found it more confortable when going outside. Daniella can look around if not sleeping.

We are introducing Daniella with solid foods little by little. She seems to be picky baby – doesn’t like sour foods and loves sweet. But her main and favorite food is still mummy’s milk.

5th Month5th Month5th Month


4th Month

4th Month

I cannot believe she is four months old already.. Daniella is becoming more like a child, not a baby no more. It is exciting, but also sad. I will miss her so tiny tiny and helpless..

Daniella doesn’t seem to worry about it so much. She hurries to grow up. Doesn’t want to lie down calmly as she used to – tries hard to sit down (of course unsuccessfully yet), her favorite chair is not that favorite no more – Daniella now prefers to be in our arms and enjoy the company. 🙂

Tapping at the toys became proper grabbing now. She grabs them with her little fingers and tries to put it in her mouth.

4th Month
Talking about Daniella’s mouth, I might be wrong, but I think she is teething already! As there is saliva coming  everywhere and she tries to bite everything that is on her way, even me when I am feeding her! Also Daniella’s gums seems to be white at the bottom. So it looks like, but who knows, maybe its just me – overexcited.. 🙂

4th MonthDaniella also turned from her belly to her back this month. However, she is not a big fan of a belly time, so prefers not to do it.:) (Lazy like daddy;) )

We have decided we are not going to rush with solid foods. Definitely not this month. Maybe when Daniella is 5 months old. But if all OK,we might wait until 6 months.

Our angel is more awake now during the day now, but still sleeps for around 5 times a day. One of those naps is for about 3 hours, others half an hour to an hour and a half long.


4th MonthIn the evening we still have the same routine – after last feeding she falls asleep by herself in her cot at around 10pm, then sleeps throughout the night till 7am. At around 7am  Daniella wakes up for feeding and immediately falls asleep again. At around 9am or 10am she will require her food again, then stays up for an hour and goes back to sleep. That’s how we start our day.. 🙂


4th Month4th Month4th Month