Daniella- our Beautiful Toddler Girl

Scrolling down through my blog, bringing back old memories,  I just suddenly realised, that most of my recent posts Beautiful Toddler Girlare about our newest addition – Harry and my other family members are kind of left aside a bit, which is completely not right.  Having a third baby turned our life upside down again. He has just reached two months old recently. But enough about Harry, lets talk about our toddler Daniella today!

Being so occupied with our new baby I haven’t actually realised of how much Daniella has grown during these past two months. She was our youngest before Harry, always defended by us, no matter whether she was right or wrong- Harry’s arrival must have been such a big change for her!

I know I have said that before (not once and not twice), but I want to repeat it over and over again – I am so pleasantly surprised on how Daniella welcomed our little Harry into our family! I always thought it will be my biggest challenge to deal with her jealousy because of lack of attention to her after baby brother’s birth, but so far it was really really good- Daniella loves her baby brother to bits. Kisses him, cuddles him, talks to him, shows toys and even explains colours. Continue reading Daniella- our Beautiful Toddler Girl

Daniella’s Potty Training

how to potty train. potty training

I guess it’s about time to say good bye to our nappies… Daniella is not potty trained yet. She is definitely smart enough, it’s lazy mummy’s fault… To me it is just handy to have nappy on, especially when shopping or outside- we don’t have to look for a toilet in a middle of nowhere 🙂

Oh well, Daniella is now over 2 years old, good days are over and we have decided to start our proper Potty Training.

Day 1

We started this morning from serious conversation. Daniella understands everything I say and she can speak sentences too. This morning I told her, that she is very big girl now and its time to say good bye to her nappies. I removed her nappy in the morning and replaced it with pretty princess panties. Daniella kept on repeating me of how big she is now and no more nappies needed. So seemed she had got an idea of what I was talking about.. I sat her on the potty (unsuccessfully this time) and even promised her a toy if we learn peeing in the potty!
how to potty train. potty training
Daniella was sitting on her potty for about 5 minutes – no luck and went back to play. After about half an hour she came up to me and said ‘I want pee pee mummy’. Not as exciting as you think, as when I wanted to sit her on the potty, I realised, that it was actually too late.. Daniella’s princess was wet already. Oh well, we had another conversation, I changed her panties and lets wait for the next time now..

Another accident… on the kitchen table haha. Daniella was sitting there and suddenly started shouting, that the table is wet… Potty is still empty. Afternoon nap now, put the nappy on and then training again. Wish us luck…

Day 2

At night she did wear her nappy. I really didn’t fancy to keep on waking up to change Daniella’s panties. However in the morning we changed back to princess panties again. Daniella now sits on the potty for much longer, but no luck this time either.. Once after sitting on her potty for good 10 minutes she got up, walked to her toy box and peed on the floor! Just seconds after she got up of the potty!
how to potty train. potty training
Daniella however comes up to me straight after wetting her panties saying – ‘wee wee is coming lets go to the potty’. Unfortunately wee wee is already there and her princess on her panties is sad again..

We had to change back to nappy later on, as we were going out. So day two no luck again…

Day 3

Daniella is well excited today, as she knows she will get a Kinder Surprise if leaves me a present in her potty. Daniella sits on it for about 15 minutes, but no luck so far…

Evening was much more successful! However, we seem to have a trouble here. Daniella now recognises when she wants wee wee and she can tell me. Anyways, she would hold it until last minute and then, when she finally sits on the potty, she does not know how to release it! She just sits there all confused, it even looks it is painful to her…. Eventually she does wee wee in the potty and then everyone is super excited and happy!
how to potty train. potty training. baby sleeping
Day 4

Same problem again… Daniella tells when she wants the potty, but cannot release it and she looks in pain… So now she is trying to be smart and as soon
as she needs a potty, she screams to put her nappy on! NO WAY!

We do wear nappy when we go to sleep both – night and afternoon naps. No problems with peeing in the nappy whosoever. Couple of accidents today, but few successful tries on the potty!

I assume potty training takes a bit longer than normally for us, as I am at work every second day and then she wears her nappy for the whole day. Also if we go out, I am putting her nappy on too. But we are half way there! Lets hope for the best..

how to potty train. potty training………………

We did 2 weeks break – not training on the potty at all, as I thought Daniella might feel more relaxed if I stop pushing her that much.

So after 2 weeks break….

Day 1 again….

I was actually expecting that she would remember all she learnt and would sit on the potty with no much hassle. I was pretty wrong there. We had 3 accidents during the first part on the day, however 3 successful pees in the potty after afternoon nap! Anyways, Daniella is still having troubles releasing her wee wee. She gets upset when it is about to come…

Day 2

how to potty train. potty trainingGreat morning full of success twice in the potty. However, we had a bad accident with poo poo that came out unexpectedly in
Daniella’s panties…. Lots of cleaning and excitement is gone….

Evening was not entirely happy too – we did wee wee in the potty, but since she doesn’t fully release, after we stood up, we had another leftover wee wee in princess panties.. How much more patience will I need with this???

Day 3

Was such a good day! Daniella seems to finally get what we want from her and we only had successful pees and poos in the potty!! I just kept her nappy on for her afternoon sleep and night. Otherwise all perfect! finally!!!!

how to potty train. potty trainingHappily ever after 🙂

So since our day 3 for the second time, I can officially announce, our potty training was a success!! Daniella now asks for a potty when it’s time for her and I don’t even keep nappy during her afternoon nap! She understands perfectly now, that if she is wearing her panties, she has to do her wee wee on the potty and we did not have any accidents since! Even when I am at work and I take her to my mums, she asks for wee wee as well and then we use a special toilet seat for toddles with Mickey Mouse.

After couple more days Daniella now doesn’t even ask for wee wee. She simply goes to the potty, pulls her pants down and does it without any assistance.

Our little girl is not baby no more…
how to potty train. potty training. toilet seat

We bought Daniella’s toilet seat in TK Maxx, but you can also find plenty online. You can buy similar ones in Ebay -> link for similar Ebay seats is HERE Amazon’ seats are HERE

how to potty train. potty training. disney princess potty

Our Disney Princess Potty is also from TK Maxx, but if you cannot be bothered to go out, you can also order online -> at Toys R Us. Link for exactly the same potty is HERE.

Daniella’s 2nd Birthday!

Goodness me!!! My baby girl has just turned two!! It’s already hard to remember how she looked when she was a tiny baby! So happy I have all posts and videos since she was born. I am missing it already… Happy Birthday, Our Little Angel!!! xxx

Daniella’s real birthday is 7th of October. This year it turned out on Tuesday, so main celebrations we moved to Sunday.

We didn’t do anything big this year. Since we were busy with finding and moving home, we didn’t have much time to organise everything. We have invited Edward’s family and cousin and my family to enjoy Daniella’s celebrations. Daniella was overwhelmed with so much attention, with her birthday presents and a cake! We all really enjoyed her special day.


Edward and I bought Daniella a Baby Born Dolly and a dolly’s cot. We knew she would be happy as she is such a mini mummy already. 😀 Daniella has few baby dolls in her toys collection, but they are all quite worn out, so we decided to renew. I just regret, that I didn’t film that moment when she was unwrapping it! she was so interested straight away! Started comforting her baby doll, put in a cot and took all the responsibility of being a new mummy – glad we have chosen this!

Daniella received many more presents from our loving families. Mostly clothes (I am so happy about it, less things for me to worry about)! Cute little dresses, pyjamas, hat, some toys. etc… Thanks to all so so so much!

Below are some pictures from Daniella’s birthday. I have to apologise about the quality, our camera gave up. Enjoy 🙂

13th Month

I was thinking for a while if I should keep on writing of Daniellas development, as since she’s 1 now, it feels like everything is slowing down. Not so many things to write about no more..

Anyways, I have decided to keep up with her monthly updates until 18 months or so and then we will see. 🙂

As most of you already know, Daniella made her first steps one day before her Christening- 28th of September. She was still quite lazy to walk after that. Most of the time she preferred crawling rather than walking. However, now she is very confident to walk. It is not always so easy, as Daniella wants to be much more independent now – wants to walk on her own in the shop, not that happy to sit in her pram for long time. Challenge after challenge.:)

Daniella eats pretty much everything. She is also learning to use fork on her own- it goes well so far, just can get extremely messy! We bought her a baby bowl from Mamas & Papas that can stick to the table, so at least she doesn’t drop her plate on the floor. And she is enjoying it so much! Continue reading 13th Month

Daniella’s Christening Day

So I finally decided to write about Daniella’s christening! It happened on 29th of September and that day could not be any more beautiful to us and our little Daniella. All preparations before the actual Christening were endless. Starting with looking for the venue, taking care of invitations and finishing with slide show preparations (that didn’t work at the end), program planning and our own outfits.

For the Christening venue we picked The Shanghai restaurant in Romford. It perfectly suited us, as it is a cosy place, have nice food and for a reasonable price when booking an event, takes care of all decorations, includes their own DJ and has a karaoke entertainment. We booked our party for 70 people.

In terms of outfits, we decided to all wear bright colours with a little touch of purple. Daniella’s dress we bought in Debenghams for £48. We picked the dress ourselves, but it was a present from Edwards cousin Belina (she gave us the money to buy it). Big thanks to her for that.
Luka’s dress we bought in M&S. My dress was from Jane Norman and Edward was wearing Shirts from Zara and trousers from H&M.

To be Daniella’s God Parents we picked Edward’s brother Jim and my sister Jurga. It was also Jim’s birthday that day, so we decided to do a little surprise. Or.. I wish it was a surprise.. Edward wrote To Do list on out white board in the kitchen. One of the tasks was ‘Jim’s surprise birthday cake’. And.. When Jim came over to visit us, he saw this written on the board and surprise was not really surprise no more.. Oh well. At least he didn’t know what kind of cake we were getting for him. Since Jim is in love with Volkswagens and he also drives one, we ordered a cake, that looked pretty much like his car (just the colour was not exactly the way we wanted to be).

So on the day of Daniella’s christening we all woke up early and got ready for the church. At the church all went alright. Daniella didn’t cry, just was over excited and moving, turning, twisting all the time. After the ceremony we made some pictures and went to get ready for the party.

The restaurant looked beautiful. Lovely decorations, balloons, flowers.. So venue was a good choice at the end. Daniella’s Christening cake was present from her Godfather Jim. It looked amazing (and tasty)!

When our guests arrived, we started our mini program, that we prepared with Edward. Firstly we welcomed all the guests (Edward was doing all the talking, as I have a stage fright 😉 ). Then Edward sang a song for Daniella – ‘You are so beautiful’ by Joe Cocker. After that we thanked our parents for their support. We bought beautiful flowers for them to show how much we appreciate their input. Then it was Jim’s turn to sing. He is also amazing singer and sang a song ‘I will be here’ by Gary V. After Jim’s song we announced about his birthday, brought his cake out and wished him happy birthday.

After the program we started karaoke. I have to admit that Filipino people are very good singers. I didn’t see any Lithuanians singing though. 🙂

We finished the party with some dances at around 11pm. Was great fun and our princess is real Catholic now. Thanks to all who attended! :)x