40 Weeks Pregnant

daniella manzano, toddler, half white half filipino girlSo here we are, just as I thought – my due date is today and no sign of the baby yet. We are so ready to meet him now. Hopefully he wont be too late…

I had midwife’s appointment yesterday. She checked me and baby out – all is good. Baby’s head is engaged, ready to make his exit. 🙂

If I don’t give birth over this weekend, midwife booked me in for an appointment on Monday to do membrane sweep. I really hope it wont be necessary… However, if this sweep doesn’t work, they will do another one in three days. If that one will also not work, I will be induced on 7th of July. Fingers crossed this baby will come earlier. 🙂

My sleep is surprisingly still not too bad! Easy to fall asleep in the evening and no matter how many times I wake up at night for the toilet, usually I am back to deep sleep within few seconds after putting my head on the pillow. I am so grateful for that, as I remember with Daniella I could hardly sleep at night at this stage. Continue reading 40 Weeks Pregnant

39 Weeks Pregnant

39 Weeks Pregnant getting ready

39 Weeks Pregnant baby boy's cot
Oh God! 39 weeks- one week to my due date. Baby might come at any time now. As a matter of the fact I had so many Braxton Hicks yesterday, that I really thought I was going into labour already! I went to sleep thinking, that I might have to rush to the hospital shortly.

39 Weeks Pregnant baby boy's cotAt night I woke up for about 5 times to the bathroom, and my fake contractions were gone by then. I was actually quite happy about that. I don’t yet feel mentally prepared for labour, I am still so anxious to even think about it. Plus I am so convinced, that my baby will be born after the due date, that I didn’t yet even think about the possibility having to go to the hospital earlier. Until yesterday.

My 39th week…

I feel…. BIG. And heavy, and tired……………..

My energy (please remind me of how it feels to have some) is no where to be found. If we go out somewhere, I feel completely drained after not even an hour. My feet, legs, back and every other part of my body hurts. Even getting ready for going outside takes my all energy away. I really cannot wait to feel normal again.

I also miss wearing normal clothes. I stopped buying maternity clothes now. Will just live with whatever I have. No point wasting money no more, not long to go. When I go shopping and see all the beautiful outfits for non pregnant women, I then want to give birth as soon as possible! Continue reading 39 Weeks Pregnant

38 Weeks Pregnant

38 Weeks Pregnant, Justina Ivanauskiene

38th week of my pregnancy – two weeks left till my due date, but baby can pretty much come at any time. OK, maybe not this week, but next week for sure! We really cannot wait to see our new bundle of joy. Almost ready now. Just need to set up the cot (Edward will probably do it today), iron the duvet and all is DONE!

My first week off work went well. So strange to stay at home. It feels like I am on some short holiday and I will have to go back in a few days or so. But hey, I don’t have to go back to work for about a year! That is really cool, when you think. 🙂

Since I spent my last week at home, I do feel a bit better and less tired. I have more energy for house cleaning routine in the morning and most importantly, I often manage to take an afternoon nap! That gives me some energy in the evening and does make me feel more alive…

I have more and more Braxton Hicks every day. They are much stronger now than they used to be and take a little longer. Braxton Hicks make me panic about giving birth, but I try not to think about it. Continue reading 38 Weeks Pregnant

37 Weeks Pregnant

37 Weeks Pregnant

As I have promised earlier, I am going to write pregnancy updates every week now, till our baby boy is born. 3 weeks left to my due date, can you believe??? We cannot! Time went so fast. Only in a couple of weeks we will be a family of 5, plus cat and dog. How extreme is that???

I am finally officially on my maternity holiday now! And really thank God for that – my last days at work were not easy. Travelling to work in the morning was my nightmare number one. First part of travelling not too bad, as we go by car to Edward’s parents to drop Daniella. But after that we have to take a tube from zone 3 to zone 1. And this part is my least favourite. Tube often stinks and crowded. Anyone would hardy offer the seat (I do prefer to stand anyway, but recently I really was not feeling too good, so a seat on the tube might have been useful.). It is ridiculous the amount of money that you pay to tfl for the travelling comfort that you get.

Anyway, I won’t need to put up with this for about a year now. I am officially off!

Continue reading 37 Weeks Pregnant

36 Weeks Pregnant

Hey ho! 36th week of my pregnancy! Not much left and I really cannot wait now. Life is getting more complicated day by day. I feel super heavy, super fat, super tired, super moody and I really do not know how much longer I can live with it.

Too skinny, 36 weeks pregnant

My weight is 65.5 kilograms now, which means that I only put 500 grams during past two weeks! Yay! That made me well happy!!! Anyways, it’s already 18.5 kilograms in total and that is pretty a lot. But I really don’t want to go back to my previous weight. I weighted 47 kilograms before I got pregnant and I looked definitely too skinny. My ideal weight was about 51 kilograms, so that’s where I would like to come back after giving birth. Fingers crossed.

Heart burns got really bad again. It sometimes feels, that I am going to throw up because of them. Still taking my Rennie tablets to make this at least a bit better.

Sleeping is not perfect too. 5 times a night to visit a toilet is my normal, regular night now. Thank God I can still easily fall back asleep after waking up to the toilet, so it doesn’t bother me that much. Got used to it. I also drink a lot of water at night. Sometimes 1.5-2 litres a night. Not sure of what makes me so thirsty, but it’s since the very beginning of my pregnancy. That explains the toilet bit, I guess… Continue reading 36 Weeks Pregnant