34 Weeks Pregnant

34 Weeks Pregnant34 weeks pregnant….

Wow, 6 weeks left only until my due date (27th June). I am really getting there! After I pass next two weeks I will post my pregnancy updates at least weekly – it will be my last month with my bump! Ahhh, I am surely going to miss it…

During my past two weeks I put 1 kilogram on. That means I already gained 18 kilograms! I now weight 65 kilos. I know, it does sound a lot. But I somehow stopped worrying about my weight that much. There are more important things to worry about. 🙂 Also I was definitely too skinny before I got pregnant, so few extra kilograms is not the end of the world, really.

My cravings are not that powerful no more. I still love ice cream though. But Snickers ice cream is not my favourite recently. My new favourite are the cheap ones- Milk Choc Ices from Tesco, Aldi or Asda. It’s a bit dangerous though, as I can have 4 of those in a row! I am not even counting of how many times a day….

I had midwife’s appointment on Friday. All seems to be fine. My bloods are alright, baby is happy inside. However still not yet fully engaged. He is somehow on my right side of the tummy. Head down, but sideways. Midwife has told me, that it’s ok for another two weeks, they would start worrying if I am 36 weeks or more and baby is not yet engaged.

I have another appointment at the hospital on Thursday. It’s because I was a little underweight before I got pregnant. Midwife has told me, that they might want to do another scan just in case. It actually would be quite nice to see my baby boy once again… Continue reading 34 Weeks Pregnant

32 Weeks Pregnant

32 Weeks PregnantThe big date is fast approaching!

It is not easy at this stage. I know, I am such a complainer… But (I promise you) life is getting more complicated day by day. I am totally expanding. Like a balloon – fast and round (and at the end I will explode haha|). Simple tasks like putting my shoes on or doing my shoe laces are becoming pretty difficult now days. I feel huge. My tummy is always in my way. Even washing dishes. Tap seems so far away, as I cannot get any closer because of my huge bump! Funny? Not really.. Arms get painful after keeping them straight for a while.
Same at work. I love to sit very close to my desk or to computer to get better position for typing, but that is just not possible no more because of my bump. There is no way to get as close as I would like to. I try to do my best, but if I start touching the edge of my desk with my bump, my little man inside makes me to move back quickly by kicking into that place of my tummy. So I simply have no choice, but to work from a distance…
Pelvic pain still annoys me a lot. Gets worse at work, in the evenings and some nights. I don’t remember having this when I was pregnant with Daniella or Luka. Very unpleasant. I try not to walk as a duck, but this pain doesn’t really allow me…
32 Weeks Pregnant rennie heartburns
Heartburns are still here. Already finished one big pack of Rennie tablets. Always gets worse if I had any food in the evening. In that case I would most probably wake up at night not for the toilet only, but because of really bad heartburns… I sometimes take a few tablets of Rennie a night. Couple of times I woke up in the morning still with a taste of the spearmint in my mouth.
This time I only grew 1 extra kilogram during past two weeks!! Phewwww…  But 17 already in total. Not good. Sweets are still very good friends of mine… I can eat a few chocolates a day (before I got pregnant I could even hardly finish one). I still don’t drink coffee – the smell of coffee makes me a bit sick. But I do have 1 or 2 cups of black tea a day. Need to get some extra energy from somewhere…
32 Weeks Pregnant

Still did not start packing for the hospital. There is still time left. But will probably start doing it at some point during next two weeks. What if, you know..

Otherwise I am starting to look forward to the date a lot. I hope baby won’t be late, as I do remember from my previous pregnancies – every single date past due date becomes extremely long! Luka and Daniella were both few days late.
I am also a bit worried of how will Daniella take her new baby brother. At the moment she is super sweet – hugging and kissing my bump and telling us, that there is her baby brother inside. But otherwise she is such a mummy’s girl and she is extremely jealous if Luka or even Edward comes up to me for a hug or a kiss. I hope she will be more understanding when her little brother comes along…
We are also still not sure about the name… I know, it’s about time. But it is just so hard!.. We want a perfect name for our baby boy, that would sound nice and similar in both languages- English and Lithuanian. Therefore it’s so hard. If we like in one language, we don’t like in another… Need some compromise..

32 Weeks Pregnant bump

30 Weeks Pregnant

30 weeks pregnantHere we go. 30 weeks pregnant. Due date is fast approaching. I am planning to work until 12th of
June and then just enjoy my last days of freedom (if I can call it freedom) till our baby boy decides to come to this world.

I am really now getting tired of being pregnant. I feel round, shapeless and heavy. I could still live with all this though, but what’s really killing me is my pelvic bone pain.. It is getting worse and worse every day. Especially after sitting all day long in the office. Sometimes I can hardly stand up or walk. If this pain is gonna keep on increasing I will end up in a wheelchair, I think….

Otherwise… My legs are swelling, especially in the evening, back pain time to time, out of breath nearly always…

My sleep is still messed up (I think I am getting used to this). However, I realised now, that i sleep so much better if I don’t eat before I go to bed or nowhere near to bed time. It changes a lot in our daily routine as normally we are coming back from work quite late – at around 8pm and then we all having dinner. But now I have to eat before I come back, otherwise just something very light.. Anyways, if I decide to have normal dinner like I used to do before, I then know 100% that I will be waking up because of terrible heatrburns, or heat waves, toilet, etc. Therefore I do prefer to stop myself from snacking or eating late. That doesn’t mean however, that I will have full nights sleep. I promise you, I do not remember the last time I slept throughout the night. Good few months
ago. But if I only wake up twice a night, that means I had a decent night. Yeh, I am used to this now.

30 weeks pregnant

My weight is building up just as before. 1 kilogram a week… I now weigh 63 kilograms. I think I eat less sweets now (I think). At least I didn’t bake any cakes during past two weeks.. But my weight doesn’t stop building up. I honestly cannot recognise my own body. My legs are twice as thick, my face is filling up… And still 10 weeks to go… Let’s see if I am gonna gain that 10 more kilograms during this time.

Our little baby inside is a bit less active now. I don’t feel those sharp strong kicks. Most of the time it’s more like baby’s leg or elbow slides from one side of my bump to another. I guess our little one is running out of space there…

I started thinking of my hospital bag. Didn’t buy anything yet (only some baby clothes), but getting sorted in my mind slowly of what I will have to buy. I am honestly scared of labour. Really will ask for epidural this time. Especially because I think this baby might be quite big…

No stretch marks yet, fingers crossed there won’t be any…

30 weeks pregnant

28 Weeks Pregnant

28 weeks pregnant

The third trimester is here! It is going so crazy crazy fast!!

I feel heavier every day… Feels like I am turning into a hippopotamus, really! My thighs became enormously big (at least it feels like it), my face is round, I get upset every time I look at the mirror!

Life is not getting any easier either. Especially at night. Still going toilet 10 times a night, plus it’s getting too difficult to change sleeping position. Everything is so heavy and hurts. I wake up at night because of different kind of pains. Sometimes my ribs, sometimes my calf muscles, tummy sometimes or… my bum… I know…. Complaining, complaining, complaining….

Mood wise actually I don’t think it was as bad in a past two weeks. During the day I wasn’t feeling too bad. Even though we had pretty busy week – Easter preparations, etc.

My weight is 61 kilograms I put another 2 kilograms on during my past two weeks and 14 in total. If I am gonna keep on gaining 2 kilograms every 2 weeks, I don’t even want to think of how I am gonna look at the end of this pregnancy!…

28 weeks pregnantI had my midwife’s appointment last week. It went alright. They took my bloods, measured my bump. I was not very surprised when they told me, that my tummy is bigger than it would normally be at this stage. They said my tummy is now like I am over 30 weeks pregnant (I was not even 28 then!). I think it’s a big boy hiding in there!!! (No stretch marks yet thank God)

My eating habits have not changed much. Still crave for sweets and all other fattening things. But I am not stopping myself. I eat whatever I feel like eating. Not good, but when if not today? 🙂

I keep on getting pain in my pelvic bone. Midwife said that my tummy is very low and that is probably the reason…

Baby is kicking a lot, even now, while I am typing. I am gonna miss that feeling for sure.. 🙂

We started to buy baby clothes little by little. It is well exciting! Especially not to look for anything pink! I really had enough of this colour haha. Will have to prepare the hospital bag pretty soon, but don’t want to think about labour yet! So scared….

28 weeks pregnant

26 Weeks Pregnant

Two more weeks flew by. I am getting rounder day by day and tiredness is taking over again.. I already feel so big at this stage. And the due date is still so far away (27th June). I am getting anxious thinking of how I am gonna look at the end of this pregnancy!!!

My weight, of course, doesn’t stop building up! I now weight full 59 kilograms, which means, that I gained another 2 during past two weeks and 12 in total!! Told you I am getting rounder (grew out of my Forever 21 stretchy work trousers already) 🙂

Probably because of all extra weight, I often get cramps when rushing to work. Sometimes even have to stop and get my breath back.. Therefore I am always late… 🙂

I still crave for sweets. Cakes, pastries, ice creams, chocolate…. My saddest moment during last two weeks was when I realised they don’t sell my favourite Snickers Ice cream no more in the shop downstairs. I can honestly tell you, I wanted to cry…

I wonder sometimes of how big my baby is now. I am so scared he will grow very chubby and then I will have difficulties delivering him. His kicks are becoming stronger and stronger, he clearly doesn’t have that much space in my tummy no more.

In a mean time I can feel my skin stretching more and more. It is even itchy sometimes! I didn’t get any stretch marks during my previous pregnancies, but I am paranoid it can happen this time, as I am sure mu bump going to be so much bigger compared to my bumps before. I have bought a Bio Oil to keep my tummy skin moisturised, so hopefully I will be lucky enough not no get any stretch marks during this pregnancy too.

My sleeping, heartburns and moods – all same old story. No improvement.. It’s lovely when I get a chance to take a nap during the day. That changes a lot. But not always possible unfortunately…