40+1 Weeks Pregnant- Cannot Wait!!!

40+1 Weeks Pregnant
One day overdue, but it already feels like ages! Running out of patience – why can’t this baby just come now?…

Tomorrow I have midwife’s appointment for a membrane sweep. I so would like to go into labour without any sweeps, just naturally… We had such a busy weekend, didn’t stay home at all- were walking a lot, but baby doesn’t seem to be bothered.

Edward is probably even less patient then I am this time. I swear he was secretly trying to tire my out today! Just after breakfast he dragged me out for some shopping (even though we don’t really need anything), then another shopping after Daniella’s sleep and in the evening he has decided, that it’s necessary to go for some groceries, but for some reason not to Tesco, that is close by, but Morrisons, that is a bit further. Continue reading 40+1 Weeks Pregnant- Cannot Wait!!!

While Waiting for our Little Baby to Arrive

While Waiting for our Little Baby to ArriveI could not feel more pregnant than I feel these days. I am currently 39+5 weeks in my pregnancy and actually I am finally ready to meet our little one.

On Tuesday in the evening we went to bed, but I could not fall asleep. I had painful cramps in my tummy. Edward was already deep in his sleep, but I had to get off the bed and go to the living room as could not stand the pain no more. I did feel slightly better when was I walking from one corner to another across the room, but bump kept on contracting quite often and painfully. I’ve even downloaded the application on my phone for tracking contractions. I was also feeling super cold – had shivers and needed toilet every few minutes.

I was so sure I was going into labour. Continue reading While Waiting for our Little Baby to Arrive

What I Packed in My Hospital Bag for Labour

 So finally finally finally – my hospital bag is now packed! It was exciting and together not easy at all, deciding of what shall I take. Luckily my hospital is only 5 minutes drive away (and 15 minutes walk), so in case I forgot anything, Edward can always drive back home to pick it up. otherwise, there is a huge Mothercare store just next to the hospital, that might come handy too!
What I Packed in My hospital bag for Labour
So here is what I packed in my and baby’s hospital bag for labour:
2 baby blankets. I remember with Daniella I only took 1 blanket to the hospital, but then I was using my bathrobe to put underneath the baby. Therefore I am taking two little blankets this time.

Continue reading What I Packed in My Hospital Bag for Labour

My Last Day at Work Before Maternity Leave

If you didn’t yet know, I work as a Front of House Administrator at Doubletree by Hilton hotel and I do like what I do.

Even though I was lately really looking forward to my maternity holiday, in the evening before my last day at work I felt quite emotional.

However the past few weeks at work were quite challenging. I was not feeling that well no more, so it made my job more complicated. I managed to stay there until 3 weeks to my due date. When I was pregnant with Daniella, I left about two months before the due date! So I did much better this time. Continue reading My Last Day at Work Before Maternity Leave

Washing Baby Clothes Round 2 & Moving Daniella to Sister’s Room

Mummy and daughter. Justina IvanauskieneEarly Friday morning Daniella started throwing up. Poor thing got some bug from somewhere. Edward and I were working that Friday, so had to take Daniella to Edward’s mum and dad’s. On the way I was luckily sitting at the back of the car with Daniella, as she threw up once again…

That day and evening Daniella vomited few more times.

The day after (on Saturday) was my birthday and we originally planned to go to Southend-on-Sea and for a dinner in London after. Our plans to go to the seaside had to be cancelled, as Daniella was still not feeling well. We spent our day at home, but in the evening we did go for dinner all of us. We went to Global Buffet in Ilford. We love that buffet. Food is fresh and lots of choice. Also if you are celebrating your birthday, your dinner is free (if you go with at least 1 full paying adult). 🙂 Continue reading Washing Baby Clothes Round 2 & Moving Daniella to Sister’s Room