Our Jane Rider Matrix Has Arrived!

Another exciting day! Our Jane Rider Travel System has arrived!
Jane Rider Matrix

We originally ordered this pram at the Baby Show in London Excel. We opted for this one, as we are planning to go to Lithuania by car this summer (not confirmed yet) and Jane Rider comes with Matrix carrycot, that you can transfer into the car seat and most importantly, baby can be safe in fully lying position! That is ideal for long journeys. Continue reading Our Jane Rider Matrix Has Arrived!

Bank Holiday Weekend and Pregnancy Struggles

Bank Holiday Weekend and Pregnancy Struggles  justina ivanauskieneToday is the last day of my long bank holiday weekend. Work tomorrow. Not long left though. I was planning to finish work on 12th of June, however I now changed it to 6th of June. Therefore I am working this week, next week and after that I am officially DONE.

On Sunday we went to Dunton Car Boot Sale. Edward and I love going there, especially if the weather is nice. Dunton Car Boot Sale is based in a proper country side, in a middle of nowhere. We did a lot of walking, but very pleasant walking. That day I’ve managed to take a nap after we came back, therefore was feeling quite well later. Edward made Filipino dinner- nice, calm family evening at home. Continue reading Bank Holiday Weekend and Pregnancy Struggles

Baby Growth Ultrasound Appointment

Baby Growth Ultrasound Appointment

So today was the day. After my appointment at the hospital yesterday I was booked in to attend an extra ultrasound appointment this afternoon to find out if our baby boy is developing alright (since I was told by my midwife yesterday, that my tummy is 3 weeks smaller than expected). I didn’t sleep too well last night – was really worried and woke up at 6am this morning even though my appointment was set for 12pm.

We went to the hospital with Edward and Daniella. Checked in and waited to get called. Continue reading Baby Growth Ultrasound Appointment

Check Up at the Hospital

Check Up at the Hospital 35 weeks pregnantToday I had my appointment at the hospital because of my underweight before getting pregnant. I was quite sceptical about this appointment, as I already put 17 kilograms on since I got pregnant, so I thought it was kind of waste of time to speak about my weight. It wasn’t ideal at all, because the appointment was arranged for 2.50pm, just when Daniella is supposed to be set for her afternoon sleep.

Anyway, I didn’t have much choice, but organise myself and Daniella and to go to the hospital. I left the house a little bit earlier with the cheeky thought of getting Daniella to sleep in her pushchair before my appointment, so I can calmly do whatever I have to do. Otherwise she would be hanging on my neck and wouldn’t let anyone (including doctors) to touch me.

I actually later was really happy having to attend my appointment at particularly this hospital. That’s where Daniella was born and it brought back all happy memories. Really happy memories. Same hospital were we will be back in about months time to have our little baby boy! Continue reading Check Up at the Hospital

Washing Baby Clothes Round One – or Lazy Rainy Day

toddler eatingI woke up this morning with so many plans in my mind. It’s my day off.

First task of my plan was to clean the house (nothing new, as for some reason our home looks like a war zone every morning). As a second thing I was planning to go to the shop for some groceries and then third- to go through all baby things that we currently have to see what else would we need to buy. Also to wash them all and to start packing my hospital bag – due date is not that far away, I am nearly 34 weeks pregnant!

All started as planned. Cleaned our home, did laundry, hoovered wiped the dusts off. Done. Next task in the plan was to go to the shop. I looked through the window- dark, rainy and cold. Nah. Will go to the shop later. Baby clothes and hospital bag first. Continue reading Washing Baby Clothes Round One – or Lazy Rainy Day