Arrozcaldo (Lugaw in Tagalog)

I have to admit, that Edward is much better at cooking then I am. As we say, I am more of a homy food maker and Edward is amazing at ‘posh restaurant’ dishes. So I asked him nicely and he is going to help me to host this part of my blog. So here is his first recipe written by him:

Arrozcaldo (Lugaw in Tagalog)Arrozcaldo (Lugaw in Tagalog)Arrozcaldo (Lugaw in Tagalog)

Today I made Arrozcaldo. Rice soup.   It is a dish I have been craving for ages.  Usually my mum cooked it when I wasn’t well or when it was a cold winters day.  It is a filling soup based dish which is made of rice and any meat- usually chicken.  A very simple dish to prepare and make.  And you can make it too.

Ingredients you will need are as follows:
1 cup of jasmine rice or glutinous rice
1 cup of long grain rice
6 chicken thighs.  Each thigh cut in two pieces
2 small onions
Ginger chopped
Olive oil
12 gloves of garlic chopped
3 pints of Chicken stock
3 small spring onions chopped
Ground black pepper
6 boiled eggs
Firstly boil your eggs for 8 minutes.  Prepare 3 pints of chicken stock and leave aside
In a large pot add come olive oil.  Sauté the onions, garlic and ginger.  When these are cooked add the chicken thighs and brown the meat.  
After 5 -10 min add both rice and stir.  Add enough chicken stock to the pot to cover the chicken pieces.  Season well and stir.
Check the pot every 5 mins and stir so that the rice does not stick to the bottom of the pot.  Add more chicken stock as needed.
After about 20 min the mixture should look a bit gooey.  Make sure that the arrozcaldo is not thick.  If it is just add more chicken stock.
Your dish should be cooked. Serve in a bowl and add soy sauce, lemon, sautéed garlic, spring onions and boiled egg as garnish.

Bon appetite.  Arrozcaldo