Grandparents Visiting & Trentham Monkey Forest

Grandparents Visiting & Trentham Monkey Forest*VIDEO BELOW*

Last weekend we had Edward’s parents visiting for Harry’s first birthday. They travelled by train from London on Saturday and stayed over in our house for a night. Kids were over the moon to have grandparents around and not to forget- they brought a huge and tasty personalised birthday cake for Harry!

13607940_10208708931494949_1669205814_nOn Sunday morning, while Edward and I were making breakfast for everyone, we were shocked as through the kitchen window we saw Edward’s brother Jim approaching! We didn’t have a clue he was coming and it was not even 9 am! Jim arrived here by car, leaving London at 5am! What a lovely surprise! 🙂

The weather on Sunday was beautiful, therefore we had decided to visit Trentham Monkey Forest.

The price to enter Trentham Monkey Forest is ÂŁ8 for adults and ÂŁ6 for children (3-14 years old). The place is lovely – cafe, playgrounds, picnic area, walking paths. If the weather is nice, could easily spend the whole day there with children!

Grandparents Visiting & Trentham Monkey ForestWe didn’t know what to expect at the beginning, we thought we will have to look for monkeys hiding from us, so when we saw the very first monkey sleeping high up in the tree, we started taking pictures immediately! But only few meters away, there were so many of them! They can walk free wherever they want, and they are not scared of people at all. Monkeys eat, play, fight with each other. It was amazing to watch!

Them ones with little babies I loved the most! How adorable is that! It is obvious, they care for their children so much! Monkeys are really great mothers, they really are!

Check out our video- vlogging by Luka this time – and see it yourself! Next time if you are unsure where to go, jut go Trentham Monkey Forest, it was 100% worth a visit! Trentham Monkey Forest website is HERE.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. x

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Having Baby at Early Age and Now

I often think of how much I changed since having my first child Luka, when I just turned 21, and now, 12 years later, having my toddler Daniella (3 years old) and baby Harry, who will be turning 5 months soon. Thinking back, I can clearly see, I was far too young and not ready for babies at all then. Don’t get me wrong, there is no a smallest bit of me regretting having my first child so early. But today, sitting and thinking back, comparing before and now, I have to admit, life seemed far more difficult back then. I don’t think I was adult enough and it didn’t unfortunately benefit my baby. The only thing that I can assure, is that I loved and love my all 3 children with all my heart.

IMG_2420 (2)_FotorIt’s maybe a bit on the funny side, but in a table below I have compared of how I was feeling with every child of mine and how experience and growing into an adult has changed it all. I now understand, once you are fully grown and ready to be a parent, all just comes out naturally. Therefore parenting is so much easier and much more enjoyable then- no matter how many kids you have. My life with one child when I was 21 years old was much more complicated, than it is now with 3 of them. See it yourselves: Continue reading Having Baby at Early Age and Now

How we Celebrate our Fridays

How do we Celebrate our Friday

I love Fridays! Love them more than any other day. Even more than the actual weekend! It is definitely my favourite day of the week! Friday is always special and different to any other day in our family. It already feels different from the very morning. Even my same usual cleaning routine is not exactly the same. It’s more enjoyable, more motivating. I am so glad it’s Friday again!

Although Edward has to work Monday to Friday, on the last day of his working week the feeling is normally different from any other morning. After I manage to get myself off the bed (it’s normally pretty early, 3 kids are not allowing me to stay in bed until the lunch time unfortunately), have my breakfast and put Harry into his bouncer, I start my normal cleaning routine. However, on Fridays (and Mondays) I try to clean everything more neatly. I prefer doing this while I am alone with kids, rather wasting our precious family time on the weekend.

Even though it takes a bit longer than any other day, but I do enjoy cleaning on Fridays. I put the music loud on and ‘dancing’ with the mop till all is nice and shiny. I am happy, cos I know it’s Friday! Continue reading How we Celebrate our Fridays

What to do When Your Home Won’t Sell


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The UK housing market has hit a bit of a sticky period with figures released by the Royal Institute for Chartered Surveyors last month showing the fewest number of houses on the market since 1978. A shortage of available properties means houses should be easier to sell, after all with fewer homes to choose from it ought to be a sellers market. Unfortunately this scenario isn’t playing out for everyone, so if you’re a homeowner who is struggling to sell their property right now, here are a few alternatives you might want to consider. Continue reading What to do When Your Home Won’t Sell

Glossybox July 2015

After so many baby related posts recently, it is actually nice to change the topic a bit. I received my July’s Glossybox couple of days ago, French themed, looking fabulous!

Glossybox July 2015

All items this month were in a cute Je T’aime’ travel pouch, that normally costs ÂŁ3.99. I will certainly find a place for this one at home! Continue reading Glossybox July 2015