King’s George’s Playing Fields – Nice Day Out With Kids!

King's George's Playing Fields - Nice Day Out With Kids!Yey! Summer has finally come! I love this hot weather. I don’t care its sticky and stinky on the tube, I don’t care it’s too warm at night, I love love love hot summer days!!!

We found another nice place near London that is good to take kids to, especially when it is warm outside. It’s called King’s George’s Playing Fields. This place is in Brentwood, not far from London and it is really worth a visit.

King's George's Playing Fields - Nice Day Out With Kids!We went there one hot Sunday, when I was looking after my sisters girls (both 7 years old) and my own kids, of course. The reason of going there were paddling pools for kids. Was simply too hot to stay at home! However, we found much more than paddling pools in King’s George’s Playing Fields.

King's George's Playing Fields - Nice Day Out With Kids!It’s a beautiful place, well looked after. They got nice children’s play area, golf, cafe, paddling pools, woods and much more (check out their website). To access their paddling pools actually cost £2 per child (adults go free), but it’s worth paying. Kids had great fun out there.

King’s George’s playing fields address is:

Ingrave Road, 
Brentwood, Essex 
CM14 5AE

Let me know if you had fun 🙂

King's George's Playing Fields - Nice Day Out With Kids!

King's George's Playing Fields - Nice Day Out With Kids!

King's George's Playing Fields - Nice Day Out With Kids!

King's George's Playing Fields - Nice Day Out With Kids!

King's George's Playing Fields - Nice Day Out With Kids!

King's George's Playing Fields - Nice Day Out With Kids!

King's George's Playing Fields - Nice Day Out With Kids!

King's George's Playing Fields - Nice Day Out With Kids!

King's George's Playing Fields - Nice Day Out With Kids!

Glossybox July 2013

Yey!!! Finally my second Glossybox has arrived! So summery and so cute! Loved design of the box. Just perfect for this hot weather. 🙂

Glossybox is a great present to myself! As soon as I open recently received one, I look forward to the next months box already!! Yes, we do try to learn saving money now, but no no no, I am not going to give up on my Glossybox! At the end of the day I think I deserve to treat myself a bit. 🙂 £10 per month spent on my Glossybox wont make much difference in our wallet. 🙂

So here is what I found inside:

Alterna Haircare Bamboo Style Waves Tousled Texture Mist- Sample

This spray is supposed to create soft waves in your hair. However, my hair is naturally very straight, so I wasn’t that impressed with the overall effect. However, it does leave your hair nice and soft. Lovely product, but not for me.

Sleek Make-Up Pout Paints- Full Size (Price – 

I am so happy with the colours that I received! It’s strong pink (Rossete) and white (Cloud 9). All you have to do, just mix them together on your fingerprint to create a shade that you like and put it on your lips! Stays loooong! Loving this product!

Coola mineral Sunscreen Moisturiser- Sample

Didn’t get the chance to try this yet, but saw some really good reviews about it! Looking forward to testing this soon!

Essie Sleek Stick Nail Wraps Oh My Gold! (Full Size £9.99)

Looking forward to trying those! Design is not 100% my style, but will definitely give it a go!!

Anatomicals Spray Misty- Full Size

Last, but not least! It is a must in this hot summery weather! Nice smelling, refreshing- for face or body. Can also spray on make up!

Overall I am very happy with my July’s Glossybox! Perfect for summer! If you wish to order one, please follow this link. £10 (plus p&p) per month. Enjoy 🙂

9th Month

Daniella has six teeth now!!! They all came nearly at the same time. Teething is going well for us. It doesn’t seem to bother Daniella too much. She is just as happy as always.

The most exciting event last month was when Daniella started to crawl! It happened at the beginning of the month, 15th of June. It was quite unexpected, as I thought she was still pretty unstable in her crawling position, rocking herself backwards and forwards. But Daniella surprised everyone by her first crawling trials. 🙂

Daniella can crawl really fast now. from one room to another. From mirror to the cat’s food, that I found her eating at least three times already! Daniella was extremely upset when i took it off her mouth!

Daniella can now easily stand up in her cot, next to the coffee table or TV table. She can stand holding on something for quite a while. Enjoys it so much.

Daniella’s sleeping patterns didn’t change much. Still bed time at 9pm. Wakes up at 5.30 or 6am for nursing and normally falls back asleep till 7am. Hghrgh… :/ Too early for me…

Our little one still sleeps 3 times during the day. She is having her day naps in her lovely cot. no more rocking. I just  have to sit next to her and wait for her to fall asleep. After some trials to keep herself awake, Daniella finally gives up and falls asleep.

Daniella is not fussy for food at all. Eats everything we give her. Especially loves Hipp biscuits for babies and bananas. I only nurse her twice a day now. Morning and evening.

In general it is really fun now having this baby. She is so playful and so cute! She likes cuddling, tickling. She laughs out loud when we make funny expressions.

I cannot think of anything else at the moment, as I am extremely tired today – I got back to work already (more about this will be in another article). If there is something I forgot to mention about, I will update this post as soon as I remember. 🙂 (Also video will be uploaded soon).



Spending Money Wisely

Since we decided to try saving money with Edward, I started to look at how much things cost more closely. We realised that we spend a loads of money on things that are unnecessary to us or even things that we do not need at all!! I started to read a book that I got from my sister about money saving and I finally realised what money wasters we are!

So Edward and I got quite excited about saving money. We started to make lists for food shopping, so we don’t buy unneeded stuff, less restaurants and take aways (we cannot completely say no to those as we will get depressed very soon). So overall trying to spend our money more wisely.

It is just a beginning of us trying to save, so I cannot share exciting results yet, but I can honestly say – saving (or looking for bargains) can be fun!

Here is a perfect example: today I went to buy couple of clothes for Daniella. The weather is getting warm now and she grew out of most of her summer clothes already! 🙂

Here is what I got (I was impressed with myself big time!):

Navy blue tracksuit bottoms from H&M – £1! (There was no label, so not sure what was the original price)
Pink knee length leggings from H&M- £1! (Discounted from £2.50)
Pink leggings with a kitten from H&M – £2! (Discounted from 3.99)

I also found some very cute t-shirts in.. Primark! 🙂

Green with heart and pink ‘daddy’s girl’ t-shirts were £1.50 each! 

Pink striped and white – £3.50 for two pack.

Overall I spent £10.50 for Daniella’s clothes today and I got 7 items for that! Normally we would hardly get one for this price.. 🙂 Learning fast, hugh? 🙂

Mood Swings and Best Sandy Beach in UK

What an adventurous weekend we had… Good and bad. Or actually bad and good.

I think I had enough of sitting at home. I don’t know what is going on with myself. Becoming so moody, like never before. So weekend started not so nice. I was so tired after another week of this never-ending routine that I just simply could not control myself and took it out on my poor family… What a cow. 🙁

Thank God for my super calm and understanding boyfriend. He helped to put things back together.. Love you babe.xx

For my mood swings I bought vitamin B6 from Boots. It helps regulate hormonal activity and helps reduce tiredness (at least the label says that). So let’s pray for the best now. But most of all I think I need to start working again. seeing people and keep myself busy.

However, after spoiled Saturday there came sunny Sunday. Weather forecasts were promising warm and sunny weather so we decided to go to the seaside!

It was Daniella’s first trip to the sea. So exciting! We decided to go to Rye (Camber Sands). We been there before – nice sandy beach and lovely dunes.

However, when we nearly arrived, my sister, who was already there called and said that it is far too windy- wind was blowing sand everywhere, and she was about to go home. It was disappointing as after two hours drive I was so looking forward to finally sit and enjoy the sun.. But my sister assured me, that it won’t be possible to stay there, especially with the baby. And its true, when we approached Rye, we saw all the people going back to their cars to go home. I was not ready to give up. After long discussions where to go and what to do, my other sisters friends came up with an idea to go to Ramsgate which was 1.5hrs drive from where we were. I am so glad we did this! That 1.5hrs drive didn’t seem to long, as it was so pretty outside! We passed amazing Dover and many other beautiful places.

When we finally arrived to Ramsgate, we were not disappointed at all! Beach was even so much better than Rye’s!! Beautiful white cliffs that were also keeping us away from the wind, sandy beach and the sea! So pretty!!!!!!

We had a little BBQ on the seaside, snacks, nice chat.. Kids loved the place and Daniella was so excited to get her chubby feet into the sea for the first time. 🙂

To go back home took only 1.5hrs! After putting children to beds mine and Edwards evening was completed traditionally – with a nice drink and chat in a balcony.  We are so happy we discovered Ramsgate! It’s our new favourite beach in UK! xx