Harry’s 2nd Week Update

Time flies – our baby boy is now 2 weeks old!

two weeks old baby boy

Harry continues being a very good baby. Still sleeps a lot during the day and only wakes up once at night. We can pretty much carry on with our life like nothing had happened. No matter what, if we stay home or we go out, no problems with this baby whatsoever. As long as we keep him fed and dry.

two weeks old baby boy

We had midwife’s check up on Sunday, Harry now weights 3.540 kilograms. He eats very well. Really likes his milky. 🙂 Continue reading Harry’s 2nd Week Update

Harry’s 1st Week Update

Baby Harry

First week with our new baby Harry has passed so fast. It wasn’t difficult at all, Harry likes his sleep, therefore mummy and daddy has plenty of time left to get on with things. It is so important having family of 5 plus a cat and a dog!


one week old baby boy update

During the day our prince likes sleeping in his pram in a living room. He is only awake for very short periods of time in between feedings. Mostly falls asleep while eating and we are hands free for 2 to 4 hours in a row! I don’t normally wake him up for another feed, let him sleep as much as he wants. Unless it takes really too long. Continue reading Harry’s 1st Week Update

My Labour Story

I was 40+2 weeks pregnant on 29th June and was already really looking forward to meeting our new baby. That day I was booked in for a membrane sweep to possibly start the labour. I was really scared about the sweep, I have heard this is quite painful and most importantly does not always help! I was really praying to give birth without any sweeps, but it didn’t work out for me. I was on the way to my midwife’s appointment for 1.30pm.

To my disappointment I was greeted by different midwife, who was not in a very good mood that afternoon. She firstly asked me why did they book me in for today if I had my appointment only 2 days ago. She sounded quite annoyed. When I explained to her, that I was booked in for a sweep, she didn’t look any happier at all. Midwife started her normal questions about pregnancy, baby movements, etc. I told her, that my baby does not move as much no more, but I was sure it’s because of the lack of space in my bump. Midwife suddenly looked more excited. She told me I have to go to the hospital to monitor baby’s moves just in case and they would do a sweep after all. She called the hospital and booked me in.

I was actually not a happy bunny, as had to sort out where to leave Daniella and I really didn’t think that monitoring was necessary. I did still feel my baby, just not as often.

Anyway, I called Edward (he was at work) and asked him to come back earlier, so he could go to the hospital with me. He was soon on the way. In the mean time I took Daniella to my mum’s.

I picked up Edward from the station and we went to the Queens hospital in Romford.

That same day, a little earlier, I had quite few awkward but pretty strong contractions. I didn’t pay much attention, as it has happened before. However, they they put me on the monitors and suddenly my contractions became stronger and regular! When midwife came to check us out, she did agree with me, that it could be beginning of my labour.

She checked me out and told I was 2 centimetres dilated! Anyways, with 2 centimetres you could still probably be pregnant for another 2 weeks. It didn’t mean, that labour has started, but I was so full of hope, as contractions wouldn’t stop! Continue reading My Labour Story

Meet Our New Baby Boy!

Meet Our New Baby Boy, justina ivanauskiene

Good bye pregnancy updates and hello baby development and post pregnancy updates!

As most of you already know, we became very proud parents once again on Tuesday, 30th June at 5.15am. I gave birth to our long awaited beautiful baby boy!
We actually still have some debates regarding the name, so I am not going to announce it just yet. I will update you as soon as we make our final decision. Hopefully very soon.
Otherwise baby is doing very well. Sleeps most of the time, hardly ever cries! Hopefully it stays this way. He brought so much more happiness to our home..
Daniella and Luka were both extremely excited to meet their baby brother. Luka had happy tears and Daniella could not believe, that this baby is not in mummy’s tummy no more. She kept on pressing my belly and looking at the baby brother surprised of how did that doctor got him out haha. 🙂

Continue reading Meet Our New Baby Boy!

40+1 Weeks Pregnant- Cannot Wait!!!

40+1 Weeks Pregnant
One day overdue, but it already feels like ages! Running out of patience – why can’t this baby just come now?…

Tomorrow I have midwife’s appointment for a membrane sweep. I so would like to go into labour without any sweeps, just naturally… We had such a busy weekend, didn’t stay home at all- were walking a lot, but baby doesn’t seem to be bothered.

Edward is probably even less patient then I am this time. I swear he was secretly trying to tire my out today! Just after breakfast he dragged me out for some shopping (even though we don’t really need anything), then another shopping after Daniella’s sleep and in the evening he has decided, that it’s necessary to go for some groceries, but for some reason not to Tesco, that is close by, but Morrisons, that is a bit further. Continue reading 40+1 Weeks Pregnant- Cannot Wait!!!