What I Packed in My Hospital Bag for Labour

 So finally finally finally – my hospital bag is now packed! It was exciting and together not easy at all, deciding of what shall I take. Luckily my hospital is only 5 minutes drive away (and 15 minutes walk), so in case I forgot anything, Edward can always drive back home to pick it up. otherwise, there is a huge Mothercare store just next to the hospital, that might come handy too!
What I Packed in My hospital bag for Labour
So here is what I packed in my and baby’s hospital bag for labour:
2 baby blankets. I remember with Daniella I only took 1 blanket to the hospital, but then I was using my bathrobe to put underneath the baby. Therefore I am taking two little blankets this time.

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My Last Day at Work Before Maternity Leave

If you didn’t yet know, I work as a Front of House Administrator at Doubletree by Hilton hotel and I do like what I do.

Even though I was lately really looking forward to my maternity holiday, in the evening before my last day at work I felt quite emotional.

However the past few weeks at work were quite challenging. I was not feeling that well no more, so it made my job more complicated. I managed to stay there until 3 weeks to my due date. When I was pregnant with Daniella, I left about two months before the due date! So I did much better this time. Continue reading My Last Day at Work Before Maternity Leave

37 Weeks Pregnant

37 Weeks Pregnant

As I have promised earlier, I am going to write pregnancy updates every week now, till our baby boy is born. 3 weeks left to my due date, can you believe??? We cannot! Time went so fast. Only in a couple of weeks we will be a family of 5, plus cat and dog. How extreme is that???

I am finally officially on my maternity holiday now! And really thank God for that – my last days at work were not easy. Travelling to work in the morning was my nightmare number one. First part of travelling not too bad, as we go by car to Edward’s parents to drop Daniella. But after that we have to take a tube from zone 3 to zone 1. And this part is my least favourite. Tube often stinks and crowded. Anyone would hardy offer the seat (I do prefer to stand anyway, but recently I really was not feeling too good, so a seat on the tube might have been useful.). It is ridiculous the amount of money that you pay to tfl for the travelling comfort that you get.

Anyway, I won’t need to put up with this for about a year now. I am officially off!

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Washing Baby Clothes Round 2 & Moving Daniella to Sister’s Room

Mummy and daughter. Justina IvanauskieneEarly Friday morning Daniella started throwing up. Poor thing got some bug from somewhere. Edward and I were working that Friday, so had to take Daniella to Edward’s mum and dad’s. On the way I was luckily sitting at the back of the car with Daniella, as she threw up once again…

That day and evening Daniella vomited few more times.

The day after (on Saturday) was my birthday and we originally planned to go to Southend-on-Sea and for a dinner in London after. Our plans to go to the seaside had to be cancelled, as Daniella was still not feeling well. We spent our day at home, but in the evening we did go for dinner all of us. We went to Global Buffet in Ilford. We love that buffet. Food is fresh and lots of choice. Also if you are celebrating your birthday, your dinner is free (if you go with at least 1 full paying adult). 🙂 Continue reading Washing Baby Clothes Round 2 & Moving Daniella to Sister’s Room

36 Weeks Pregnant

Hey ho! 36th week of my pregnancy! Not much left and I really cannot wait now. Life is getting more complicated day by day. I feel super heavy, super fat, super tired, super moody and I really do not know how much longer I can live with it.

Too skinny, 36 weeks pregnant

My weight is 65.5 kilograms now, which means that I only put 500 grams during past two weeks! Yay! That made me well happy!!! Anyways, it’s already 18.5 kilograms in total and that is pretty a lot. But I really don’t want to go back to my previous weight. I weighted 47 kilograms before I got pregnant and I looked definitely too skinny. My ideal weight was about 51 kilograms, so that’s where I would like to come back after giving birth. Fingers crossed.

Heart burns got really bad again. It sometimes feels, that I am going to throw up because of them. Still taking my Rennie tablets to make this at least a bit better.

Sleeping is not perfect too. 5 times a night to visit a toilet is my normal, regular night now. Thank God I can still easily fall back asleep after waking up to the toilet, so it doesn’t bother me that much. Got used to it. I also drink a lot of water at night. Sometimes 1.5-2 litres a night. Not sure of what makes me so thirsty, but it’s since the very beginning of my pregnancy. That explains the toilet bit, I guess… Continue reading 36 Weeks Pregnant