Bye Bye Baby Clothes…

Today was a sad day. I finally decided to say goodbye to Harry’s baby clothes. By saying ‘baby clothes’ I mean sizes like ‘tiny baby’, ‘first size’, ‘newborn’ and ‘0-3 months’. I sorted them all nicely by the age and will be putting online later reluctant to sell. I am sure some other cutie might still find a good use of it. Some of Harry’s baby clothes had never even been worn – our little monkey grew out so fast!

Bye Bye Baby Clothes

While sorting the clothes, I couldn’t help, but feel slightly emotional. They are not ‘just’ bunch of baby clothes for us, they are full of memories and associations. Especially the little tiny ones…

Bye Bye Baby ClothesWhen Edward called me from work today and I explained to him what I was up to, he insisted me to keep Harry’s very first – Winnie the Pooh outfit. I was surprised he remembered it! Edward told me, he still recalls me telling him just after giving birth, of what to dress Harry in for the first time. How lovely, I really didn’t think he would. 🙂 So I am leaving this very first outfit for memories then… 🙂 Continue reading Bye Bye Baby Clothes…

Harry Starts Solids & Joie Mimzy Snacker Highchair Review

Today our little Harry reaches his half way through his first year. 6 months already. Just as I planned – we are starting solids at this stage. I think he is ready. 🙂

IMG_0062Harry Starts Solids & Joie Mimzy Snacker Highchair ReviewBefore we move onto the ‘serious’ food, we firstly had to get a highchair for our not-so-little boy. When Daniella was a baby, we went a bit over the top with choosing a highchair for her. We got her Mamas and Papas Siesta Highchair, that we paid £200 for. It was a lovely highchair, but definitely overpriced. We had decided to go with much cheaper option this time.

Joie Mimzy Snacker Highchair caught my attention accidentally – while we were looking for kids Christmas presents at Toys R Us. Suitable size – not too big, decent quality, pretty looking and only at the price of £39.99 (price drop from £49.99).

Harry Starts Solids & Joie Mimzy Snacker Highchair Review

That evening I did some research online and found, that Joie Mimzy Snacker Highchair has got very good reviews across the internet. Decision was made. The main question now was which pattern do we go for. There were two different owls patterns, 123 pattern (with numbers) and Parklife (trees). I was choosing between Parklife and lighter version of Owls prints. Parklife was displayed at the shop, but Owls I have only seen online. I have finally decided to go for Owls pattern without seeing it live. Bought it. And I now regret. 🙁 I think Parklife looks so much nicer. But oh well, it doesn’t affect highchair’s functionality. I still cannot get over this though. 😀 Continue reading Harry Starts Solids & Joie Mimzy Snacker Highchair Review

To Buy or Not to Buy- Baby Stuff @ 1st Month


To Buy or Not to Buy- Baby Stuff @ 1st MonthPregnancy is such a wonderful time. Since the very first positive pregnancy test (you will probably do about 5 more later on just to be sure) to finding out the sex of your baby, watching your growing bump, imagining how your little one is gonna look when he/she is born and falling in love with him/her before you even meet!

If you were ever pregnant, you most probably know the feeling. Buying those first little tiny clothes, baby furniture, toys and other baby equipment is one of the most exciting things ever! You can’t get enough of it. Especially because there is so much choice nowadays! Everything looks so cute and so pretty, that you ending up turning your house into one big nursery because there is simply not enough space to keep the baby’s stuff in one room. Ok, i might be exaggerating a bit but I am not far from being right, am I? 🙂

First month has passed with our new baby Harry and I already have an idea of where I went too far and what I actually really found useful.

Continue reading To Buy or Not to Buy- Baby Stuff @ 1st Month