Harry’s 7 Months Old Update

Our little munchkin is 7 months old!

This month we started using ‘big boy’s’ (sitting) part for the pram! Harry looks so comfy there – he loves sitting up and looking around. It was really about time. We now only use a carry cot for the car seat (it’s Jane Matrix carrycot, that you can convert to a car seat), but it will soon be too small, it’s nearly time to upgrade!

Harry's 7 Months Old Update

Eating solids is going well. Actually better than I ever thought it would. I sometimes feed Harry purees, but other times we use baby led weaning method (when baby feeds himself and he can pretty much eat whatever we eat, just without salt or sugar(no need mashing)). Both methods really work! Harry is not a fussy eater so far – he accepts everything, that is given to him and I am often even worried, that he eats too much for his age! Chubby little monkey.

Harry's 7 Months Old Update

Sleeping has also got much better! Our baby still sleeps 3 times during the day – morning, afternoon and evening. Then I put him to bed for the night at around 9pm and he normally then sleeps all the way until 6am. Once he wakes up at 6am for nursing, I take him in to my bed and we both fall asleep while Harry eats. Our little one is then ready for a new day at 7.30-8am. Cannot complain, really! 🙂 Continue reading Harry’s 7 Months Old Update

Just Another Post About my Beautiful Children

I am back after the whole week off blogging. It’s been a bit busy lately, my apologies. 🙂

I was just thinking today about how fast time goes and how much my children changed during past couple of months. So here I decided to share my thoughts…Just Another Post About my Beautiful ChildrenOur youngest – Harry- is still teething, but he is not too bad recently. Harry’s top two teeth are not quite there yet, but they are so near! I can literally see them poking out at any time! Baby himself is now much more settled and calmer – I didn’t even give him medicines for the past few days.

Harry has now mastered rolling over! As soon as I put him on his back, in no time he rolls over onto his tummy and then back again! He realises he can do it and his face is priceless – full of pride and happiness when he does that. So what’s next – crawling??? Ahhh, cannot wait!!!

Daniella, my cheeky little girl, is doing well. She recently grew so much – I sometimes secretly watch her play with dollies or Peppa Pig family and I am often wondering – when did that transition happen. Last I remember, she was not very keen on playing individually. But now, she builds the whole house for her dollies, there is mummy, daddy and few (never one) children involved. Some words, that Daniella uses as well – I don’t even know where she learned them from! Even I don’t use some of those.. Something like ‘cash register’ or ‘stethoscope’.

I recently noticed that Daniella is getting very much attached to Edward (her dad). Not very long ago she was 100% mummy’s girl. If you follow my blog, you will probably remember me, while I was still pregnant, worrying about Daniella’s reaction towards her baby brother, I thought she was gonna be jealous. But she really wasn’t. She is an amazing, loving sister and a wonderful daughter. Our little girl every day really looks forward to Edward come back from work and play with her. Yesterday, just after dinner, Daniella offered her dad to play a game: ‘daddy, I will be a baby and you can be a PRINCESS (!)’, she said. 😀 It was lovely watching them together. Later Daniella was snuggled up on Edward’s lap, watching Eastenders (yeh, she loves watching Eastenders). So mummy’s little girl is now becoming daddy’s little girl. 🙂 Continue reading Just Another Post About my Beautiful Children


Last night was a struggle. Harry was waking up every hour or even every half an hour from 2am till 5am. After 5am he woke up again and was struggling to get back to sleep for more than an hour. I felt he was a little hot, but didn’t check the temperature. After nearly 1.5 hours I somehow finally managed to put him back to sleep, and after shushing the dog, who was desperate to go upstairs (she is not allowed) and putting Daniella’s duvet cover on for about 5 times (she keeps on kicking it off and then calls for me, as she is cold) I could finally go back to sleep myself. Children only allowed me to do so until 8am. I am knackered.

This morning our little Harry woke up with a temperature of 38 and poor thing looked as he was in pain. Harry was not crying, but was making sounds like a sad little puppy and kept on biting his top lip. No doubt it’s teething again.

6 months old baby boy teething

Harry’s first two, bottom teeth, came out on a Boxing day. The time, when our whole family, had a horrible virus – high temperatures and painful coughs. Harry was also suffering with the same virus and on the top of that, he was clearly teething. To sooth the pain then, we bought Nelsons Teetha Granules and it made a huge difference. It helped our little Harry feel much better.

After about two days suffering with his first part of teething, Harry’s white little pearls have finally made their appearance, one after another. Our baby was happy little boy again. Until today.

6 months old baby boy teething

Poor monkey is struggling again. Temperature, fingers in his mouth, biting his top lip ( with his first tooth coming out, he was biting his bottom lip)! These are no doubt symptoms of teething again…

Same Nelsons Teetha Granules are helping us to survive throughout the day, it really does the job- Harry is so much more like his old self after taking this medicine. But I still feel so sorry for my little baby –  I just want to hold and cuddle him, it breaks my heart to see him suffering. 🙁 Continue reading Teething

Bye Bye Baby Clothes…

Today was a sad day. I finally decided to say goodbye to Harry’s baby clothes. By saying ‘baby clothes’ I mean sizes like ‘tiny baby’, ‘first size’, ‘newborn’ and ‘0-3 months’. I sorted them all nicely by the age and will be putting online later reluctant to sell. I am sure some other cutie might still find a good use of it. Some of Harry’s baby clothes had never even been worn – our little monkey grew out so fast!

Bye Bye Baby Clothes

While sorting the clothes, I couldn’t help, but feel slightly emotional. They are not ‘just’ bunch of baby clothes for us, they are full of memories and associations. Especially the little tiny ones…

Bye Bye Baby ClothesWhen Edward called me from work today and I explained to him what I was up to, he insisted me to keep Harry’s very first – Winnie the Pooh outfit. I was surprised he remembered it! Edward told me, he still recalls me telling him just after giving birth, of what to dress Harry in for the first time. How lovely, I really didn’t think he would. 🙂 So I am leaving this very first outfit for memories then… 🙂 Continue reading Bye Bye Baby Clothes…

Harry’s 6 Months Old Update

Half way through the year! Yey! Harry is now 6 months old (was on 30th December). I look at him and I simply cannot believe it’s the same little tiny baby, that we brought home from the hospital 6 months ago, on the 30th of June 2015!

baby boy Harry's 6 Months Old Update

Our most exciting news this month is that we already have two bottom teeth out!!! First tooth showed up on a boxing day and another came shortly after. Harry’s teething was not too complicated so far. There were several evenings, that he was quite upset and looked in pain, but nothing, that we couldn’t handle. I bought Nelsons Teetha granules (suitable from any age) to sooth the pain and I find this really good. Pain goes away soon and baby is happy again. 🙂

baby boy Harry's 6 Months Old Update

So we started solids now, at 6 months old, and so far it is really going well! Harry loves trying different tastes (and getting messy)! If he enjoys the puree I give him, he happily swallows it and waits for another spoon approaching with his mouth wide open like a little chicken. 🙂 If he is not happy with the taste, he will keep his mouth firmly shut and there is no way to squeeze another bite there! At the moment we are only eating purees, but I am planning to switch it to baby led weaning method very soon. I found it to work really well, when Daniella was a baby. Continue reading Harry’s 6 Months Old Update