Chicken in LEE KUM KEE Black Bean Garlic Sauce

Chicken in LEE KUM KEE Black Bean Garlic SauceTime is not my friend recently and I really don’t have the luxury to play in the kitchen for hours. I always get interrupted with Harry’s requests or Daniella’s and Luka’s needs. I only recently learned, that to keep my family fed and happy I don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen. There are so many things in the grocery store making cooking much easier! One of them is my new favourite LEE KUM KEE Black Bean Garlic Sauce.

We all love Chinese food. We often get take away (maybe a bit too often). And we all have our favourites: I love king prawns in black bean sauce (I am very much of a seafood person), Edward’s one is beef with ginger and spring onions or mixed seafood crispy fried noodles, Luka adores sweet and sour chicken. But we always like to taste each others dishes.

We are lucky enough to have Chinese supermarket not too far from our house. We like going there occasionally, as they have a big variety of seafoods, meats, noodles soup that we always buy- it’s really really tasty – much nicer than, for example, Maggi soup or any other cheap from Tesco or Asda supermarkets) and other lovely items that we love testing. So when we went there couple of weeks ago, LEE KUM KEE Black Bean Garlic Sauce somehow caught our attention. We bought it. Continue reading Chicken in LEE KUM KEE Black Bean Garlic Sauce