Edward’s Birthday

Today was a very special day! Edward’s 34th birthday. I’ll be honest here. I messed up. I was so sure it falls on Tuesday and I only realised yesterday, that it’s actually on Monday- 1 day earlier than I expected. What can I say, since I am a last-minute kind of person, it got me completely unprepared! 🙁

Thank God, Edward is not a ‘drama queen’- he was more than understanding and didn’t make a big fuss out of it. But me wouldn’t be me- I could not go to sleep feeling guilty, I had to do something. Birthday doesn’t happen every day. As soon as Edward left to work, I started researching local restaurants, for Edward’s birthday dinner tonight.

Edward's Birthday, edward manzano

My original choice was newly opened Chiquito restaurant in Stoke-on-Trent. But after announcing it to Edward, he suggested to go to Frankie & Benny’s instead and since it was his birthday today, I had no choice, but to agree.

Before Edward came back from work, I have prepared a little birthday cake, that his brother brought on the weekend and we forgot to eat it (thank you Jim 🙂 ) and some rose wine, that we had in the fridge. For Edward’s present I hand-made a ‘shopping voucher’ – I was planning to get it anyway. Since Harry was born, we haven’t really been for proper clothes shopping. It’s really about time to get some new clothes, so I know my ‘voucher’ is something, that Edward will really find useful- I will exchange it in cash, of course, once my man is ready for shopping. 🙂 Continue reading Edward’s Birthday

Halloween Weekend

Our whole Halloween weekend was actually lovely! After carving the pumpkins and decorating the house on Friday, our actual Halloween celebrations on Saturday turned out completely unexpected. We were just getting ready for some shopping, when my cousin called. After a short conversation on the phone we had decided to have a little meet up in our house. The little meet up has turned into 8 adults and 6 children at our place. 😀

halloween weekend witch costume girlhalloween weekend daddy and son










So we just went for a quick grocery shopping and as soon as we got back home, we started to prepare with some snacks and drinks. After seeing spooky decorated houses in our area we were in 100% in the Halloween mood, all very excited!

Luka went to the party in our neighbours house next door, dressed up as a skeleton, we dressed Daniella as a little witch (even though she was still insisting she was a princess Anna). Edward put an eye-liner on to make some dark circles under his eyes and fun has begun. 🙂

kids drawing

There were sooooo many trick-or-treaters knocking on our door on Halloween night!!! We had a lot of sweets at the beginning, but later we run out of them and started giving pretty much everything we had – biscuits, fruits, crisps… I suggested Edward to learn some trick instead, but he wasn’t too keen on the idea. 🙂

After our guests arrived, the whole evening was actually really lovely. Lots of noise, lots of mess, but so worth it. I actually realised how much I missed escaping from my mummy duties for an hour or so. I need to at least start going to some mummies meet ups or something to change my everyday routine slightly. Continue reading Halloween Weekend

Sunny Saturday at King George’s Playing Fields

Another weekend is nearly done and sadly we are heading towards the very end of the summer… Luckily we were gifted with lovely weather last Saturday again, so another good opportunity to go out!

King George's Playing FieldsThis time we didn’t feel like going anywhere very far, especially because we have so many beautiful places within few minutes drive from our area. The weather on Saturday was +30 degrees, therefore we have decided to go to King George’s Playing Fields in Brentwood- they have two paddling pools that I thought Daniella would love! Continue reading Sunny Saturday at King George’s Playing Fields

Longer Weekend Invention

For some reason weekends always go too fast. Much quicker than any other day of the week. I personally think, that there should be at least 3 days weekend, even if we had 6 and not 5 days working! Would you know who shall I get in contact with to amend that???

Our new invention for the longer weekend was to start it on Friday evening (after Edward finishes work). Just simply not to spend evening at home, but go out instead, so it feels like it’s weekend already! So we did.

We’ve been very lucky with the weather recently, so obviously there was no even a thought of spending time indoors – we will have plenty of days for that in winter. We have decided to take Daniella and Harry (in a way) (Luka is still on holiday) to Southend-on-Sea’s Adventure Island fairground.

Continue reading Longer Weekend Invention