Our Easter 2016

What an eventful month it was! 2 weeks before Easter we all got some horrible bug (starting with Daniella), and one by one, each and every of us, ended up throwing up as well as with endless fevers, kids with conjunctivitis, etc. We were literally happy to survive until Easter! Luckily, just before Easter we all got better. Fingers crossed this horrible bug won’t ever come back!Our Easter 2016

On Easter eve, we were dying eggs, as we do every year! This year I was actually too busy with the food preparations for Sunday, Luka was in London, so daddy and Daniella did the job! And they did it great (in their own way). 🙂 Daniella was super excited to colour eggs. After dipping them in different colours, she finished it off by drawing on them and giving them some sticker eyes. Seeing Daniella’s art on eggs this year and comparing it to the last years, I noticed so much of a difference! She kinda knows what she is doing now. My little girl is not so little anymore.

Our Easter 2016 dyeing easter eggs

Our Easter 2016 dyeing easter eggsOur Easter 2016 dyeing easter eggs

Easter itself was lovely. We were feeling much better, so could finally enjoy it! In the morning we went to my cousins house, where we had (very filling) breakfast, loads of chat and some nice catching up – two lovely aunties were also visiting from Lithuania. Continue reading Our Easter 2016