Family Holiday in Turkey 2016 (IC Hotels Santai Family Resort)

It all feels like a dream now. No wonder, I am proper late with this post (what’s new ha ha). Nevertheless, our holiday in Turkey (back in September) was great. Probably that’s why it went so fast. We would have happily stayed for at least another week. But, oh well, all good things come to an end…

Family Holiday in Turkey 2016 (IC Santai Family Resort)

We booked our Turkey holiday about 4-5 months prior the actual trip and it seemed we had ages to wait!

I am not even gonna talk about holiday shopping and packing today. Trust me, it is a nightmare to pack yourself + 3 kids for a week. I am tend to think I might need EVERYTHING when it comes to packing. I would probably take the whole entire house if I could. But then there is a very limited space in luggages (even though we bought 20kg extra suitcase and had 1 hand luggage each). So at the end I had to somehow make those important packing decisions and to only pick the stuff that we could definitely not survive without.

So finally, the morning of so much waited 16th of September has come. We were finally off to the airport!!!

Family Holiday in Turkey 2016 (IC Santai Family Resort)

And then I had to face my least favourite part of our holiday – the flight. I am TERRIFIED of flying! I don’t even know why, I cannot explain, and I understand, that I am being silly here. But I just can’t help- am frightened when it comes to plane journeys. I was preparing myself for this since it was booked, but I was still feeling very tense, even lightheaded a bit.

But no choice, hey. If I wanted to get to Turkey, I had to board this damn plane. I don’t suppose I could drive there or take a train, huh? So I did board a plane at the end.

Family Holiday in Turkey 2016 (IC Santai Family Resort)

At the beginning of the flight I was not too bad actually. I thought I was holding myself together. But once I felt a slightest turbulence, that was it – I was about to cry and I didn’t even care about that sunny Turkey no more. Nearly 5 hours on the plane seemed like ages to me.

Now, believe me or not, I found a solution there. Maybe not ideal solution for a mother of 3, but, hey, it really did help and that was all that mattered! So here is my secret medicine if you are scared of flying: Continue reading Family Holiday in Turkey 2016 (IC Hotels Santai Family Resort)

What We’ve Been Up To

Happy days! I have managed to fix the main bug on my blog, that was turning photos into horrible quality, and few other small bugs. It means I can write again! I feel so relieved, I really missed it! 🙂

Since I haven’t been around for a while, I thought it would be nice to write a little update on what we’ve been up to during that time. If you follow me on social media, you probably know, that I am still alive and more less of what was going on in my life, as I do share pictures occasionally. But just in case you missed something, have a read below! 🙂

My eldest daughter Luka’s 13th birthday was at the end o August! She has decided not to have a party at home, but a fun day out. We went to Flip Out, which was so cool. I really wanted to jump too, but I didn’t. Ah, next time. 🙂

What We Been Up To

We had our lunch out and played some bowling. Then our dinner was @ McDonalds, as per Luka’s request. Was super-fun day!

What We Been Up To

What We Been Up ToAbout a week ago, on Sunday, we went to the circus! Daniella and Luka both really enjoyed. Even Harry was happily clapping throughout the first part of the performance. During the second part he was sleeping…

What We Been Up To

What We Been Up To

In terms of our family days out, we didn’t go too far recently. We were exploring around. One of the places, that deserves a mention is Cannock Chase Forest. It’s a lovely place with a lot of pine trees around, huge picnic area, Go Ape, cyclists trails, cute cafe, playground, etc. Kids loved it and so did we! Continue reading What We’ve Been Up To

Grandparents Visiting & Trentham Monkey Forest

Grandparents Visiting & Trentham Monkey Forest*VIDEO BELOW*

Last weekend we had Edward’s parents visiting for Harry’s first birthday. They travelled by train from London on Saturday and stayed over in our house for a night. Kids were over the moon to have grandparents around and not to forget- they brought a huge and tasty personalised birthday cake for Harry!

13607940_10208708931494949_1669205814_nOn Sunday morning, while Edward and I were making breakfast for everyone, we were shocked as through the kitchen window we saw Edward’s brother Jim approaching! We didn’t have a clue he was coming and it was not even 9 am! Jim arrived here by car, leaving London at 5am! What a lovely surprise! 🙂

The weather on Sunday was beautiful, therefore we had decided to visit Trentham Monkey Forest.

The price to enter Trentham Monkey Forest is £8 for adults and £6 for children (3-14 years old). The place is lovely – cafe, playgrounds, picnic area, walking paths. If the weather is nice, could easily spend the whole day there with children!

Grandparents Visiting & Trentham Monkey ForestWe didn’t know what to expect at the beginning, we thought we will have to look for monkeys hiding from us, so when we saw the very first monkey sleeping high up in the tree, we started taking pictures immediately! But only few meters away, there were so many of them! They can walk free wherever they want, and they are not scared of people at all. Monkeys eat, play, fight with each other. It was amazing to watch!

Them ones with little babies I loved the most! How adorable is that! It is obvious, they care for their children so much! Monkeys are really great mothers, they really are!

Check out our video- vlogging by Luka this time – and see it yourself! Next time if you are unsure where to go, jut go Trentham Monkey Forest, it was 100% worth a visit! Trentham Monkey Forest website is HERE.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. x

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Weekend @ Devon Cliffs Caravan Holiday Park | Haven Holiday

Following My Birthday post, I am now sharing our lovely experience – weekend (Friday to Monday) break to Devon Cliffs Caravan Holiday Park (Haven Holiday), which was gifted to me by my wonderful (sometimes) cousin. 🙂 He with the family has also joined us for a trip.

Devon Cliffs Caravan Holiday ParkDriving to Devon took us approximately 4 hours. It actually doesn’t feel as long, as it sounds. Daniella slept in the car for about an hour and Harry had a very short 20 minutes nap. Despite Harry (11 months old) was mostly awake throughout the journey, he was totally brilliant. Our baby was looking around, playing with his toys, having a laugh with his sister – he was such a good boy!

I actually start to really enjoy our long family journeys/ road trips. It is a perfect time to spend some quality time with each other- to talk, to sing, to play games. Yes, we sing and play games while we are all in the car for several hours. It’s really fun and time flies by! While on the way to Devon Cliffs Caravan Holiday Park, we played words guessing game (Hangman) and we actually had so much laugh. Then we were all getting crazy once Justin Timberlake’s song – Can’t Stop the Feeling started playing on the radio (that song really makes me dance!). Music was as loud as it possibly could be in the car and we were all dancing, jumping, screaming in the car trying to be cooler than each other! Edward was driving, but even he was trying to show off his dance moves ha ha.

Once we entered Devon Cliffs Caravan Holiday Park at around 6pm on Friday, we were quite amused – it looked like a proper holiday resort!  I’ve never been to a caravan holiday in England before, it was totally different from what I’ve imagined. We all got even more excited  and after collecting the keys were off to find our caravan, where we were going to stay together with my cousin’s family.

Devon Cliffs Caravan Holiday Park

Devon Cliffs Caravan Holiday Park

I was so pleasantly surprised again! Our caravan had a sea view and was really modern and cosy! There was a kitchen together with a living room, 3 bedrooms- 2 twins and 1 double, a toilet and a shower. It was really spacious enough for our 2 families. We unpacked our stuff and went for a little walk to look around. And it was great!

Devon Cliffs Caravan Holiday Park

Devon Cliffs Caravan Holiday Park

Devon Cliffs Caravan Holiday Park

That evening we made BBQ dinner next to our caravan, loads of snacks and some drinks. We enjoyed every minute of it.

Devon Cliffs Caravan Holiday Park

Devon Cliffs Caravan Holiday Park

Day after, in the morning, we went to resort’s indoor swimming pools – kids were over the moon. In the afternoon, we had decided to visit Kingswear, which was approximately 1 hour drive away from Devon Cliffs Caravan Holiday Park and then the plan was to take a ferry to Dartmouth – my cousin has promised, that the town is really pretty. Pretty was not the right word to describe it, to be honest. It was beyond amazing! Kingswear and Dartmouth are perhaps the most beautiful places I have ever been to in England! The town, the views, the sea – it really takes your breath away. I was probably walking with my mouth widely open with the amazement it’s just indescribable. Incredibly beautiful place. I fell in love. 🙂 Continue reading Weekend @ Devon Cliffs Caravan Holiday Park | Haven Holiday

Family Vlogs Category Introduction

I have decided to add one more category to my blog- FAMILY VLOGS. We love taking camera wherever we go. New videos are piling up- many of them are not edited or never put together. I am hoping, that my new Family Vlogs category over my blog will give me a tiny bit more motivation on putting all recorded memories together. I really hope you will find it interesting too!

Honestly, I am far from PRO at making/editing videos. But I do my best to make it bearable. I have a fair collection of family videos on my Youtube channel by now – starting from few years back, when Daniella was a baby, then when Harry was born and several pretty recent ones. If you would like to check them out, you are welcome to visit my Youtube Channel HERE.

In this post I am sharing our few most recent videos that you might have already seen. If you haven’t, check them out and let me know what you think! x

The video below is from one of our beautiful weekends. We visited a lovely place, called The Heights of Abraham in the Peak District. It was a great day out with family and friends – what a beautiful place! We are certainly going back there as soon, as the weather gets better – there is loads more to explore!

Another video below is called Daniella’s Bank Holiday Weekend. Daniella is now 3.5 years old. Our little girl is normally very shy. But recently I realised, that she is pretty confident in front of the camera – not like her mummy at all! Therefore, I prefer filming Daniella rather than filming myself and she seems to love it! 🙂 Continue reading Family Vlogs Category Introduction