My Last Glossybox – August 2015

My Last Glossybox - August 2015Yes, this is it. I have cancelled my Glossybox, so this will be my last update- Glossybox- August 2015. I was actually planning to cancel my Glossybox subscription quite a wile ago. I simply found myself just storing most of the items received and not ever using majority of them. I was a bit hesitant of cancelling, as time to time I would still receive one or another item, that I actually love. But I now finally realised, that throughout the whole time- two years of subscription (!), there would only be a very few Glossybox goodies that I actually really fell in love with. I think the most attractive thing about this all Glossybox business is the actual surprise of what are you gonna find inside. Unfortunately I don’t have this excitement no more, therefore I am cancelling my subscription till the next time possibly. Continue reading My Last Glossybox – August 2015