Christmas, Hospitals and First Tooth!

Christmas, Hospitals and First Tooth!Where do I start. This Christmas was eventful – the least I can say. In my previous ‘Christmas Plans‘ post, I explained how we imagined it to be, but it’s not exactly how it went. “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”
― says Allen Saunders.

First of all, we all got some silly terrible flu out of nowhere. Daniella was first. After giving her a bath Tuesday evening (22nd December), I realised she was pretty hot. I didn’t take much notice of it. Just put her to bed, kissed good night and thought she will sleep it off.

I was wrong.

At around midnight I went to check on her and found poor thing boiling hot. I gave Daniella some Calpol and set her to sleep, hoping all will be better in the morning.

That unfortunately didn’t happen. Daniella woke up with the temperature 38.9, feeling extremely poorly. I was struggling to get her temperature down. She has also completely lost her voice and started having a terrible cough. Throughout the day things did not get any better, temperature raised up to nearly 40 degrees and it was almost impossible to get it down. 🙁 Edward has also called from work to say, he was not feeling well.

The timing couldn’t be worse, as we still had to do our grocery shopping that Wednesday. Harry started feeling unwell too. That evening Edward, Daniella and Harry, all had temperature around 39. I was the only one standing, but was also not feeling great – blocked nose, sore throat, I was afraid it was only a matter of time to get temperature too.

Don’t ask me how did we managed to do our grocery shopping, somehow we did. It was the main thing- had to be done before Christmas.

Christmas, Hospitals and First Tooth!

The morning after, on Christmas Eve, things didn’t get any better. But we couldn’t just give up. 12 non meaty Christmas Eve dishes had to go on the table for that dinner as planned. I am not gonna lie, it wasn’t easy. Cooking while looking after ill children and while Edward was unwell was a mission. Continue reading Christmas, Hospitals and First Tooth!

Christmas Decorating

It’s finally time! I am loving the Christmas Spirit, every year I do! I don’t think I will ever get bored of it! Christmas decorating is absolutely a MUST in our house. We always do it together as a family, no one can be excluded. However, we don’t ever do Christmas decorating earlier, than December. Just to keep it as magic as possible and so that we can never get enough of it. Therefore every year Christmas feels truly amazing and very welcome in our house.


This year we did our Christmas decorating last Sunday (06/12) in the evening. Edward’s brother was in our house at that time, so he also got to enjoy our preparations fun.

Christmas Decorating

We had some debates few days before decorating if we should get a real Christmas tree, or should it be artificial one. Real Christmas tree from the woods would definitely always be my choice! It reminds me of my childhood – we used to always go to the Woodward with my dad to pick up one. I still remember that smell of the fresh-cut conifer wood  – it always brings me back to my young happy days and reminds me of our white, snowy Christmas, that we used to have back home. 🙂 Continue reading Christmas Decorating

Our New Home In Pictures

Reallocating: Our New Home In Pictures

Nearly two months since we moved to our new home, that we are renting.. We are now happy and settled here and I am not going to keep you waiting any longer. Even though the house is not yet perfectly picture-ready, I am sharing our home photos today. 🙂

The reason for the delay with this post is that there still are quite a lot of bits and pieces to sort out before we can relax and enjoy our days here. One of them is buying a double bed- Edward and I sleep on the mattress on the floor. We had been looking for a bed for quite a while now, but there is nothing, that we would really like. Hanging some pictures on the walls is also in my near future plans, I can never find time to do this… We  also want to replace our computer table, as the one that we currently have is very big and doesn’t go with the whole look.

Lets get to the pictures then. Continue reading Our New Home In Pictures

Furniture that we Bought for our New Home

Furniture that we Bought for the New Home justina ivanauskieneGoodness me, moving is expensive! It cost us even more this time than ever before, as the current house that we rent was empty (just as our pockets now)- no furniture, no fridge, no washing machine. Here only was kitchen cupboards, and luckily two wardrobes- in our bedroom and in Luka’s room. Therefore we had to buy most of the things ourselves.

Anyway, as much as it was painful to our wallets, it was also very exciting, I have to admit. We love creating our home and buying all the lovely things, that we believe will add some cosiness to our surroundings. So we just closed our eyes and…. SPENT…

The first priority for us as soon as we moved in it was to get the fridge and the washing machine. I cannot imagine our life without those, but probably no one can.  We have decided to buy them second hand ones, as we will unlikely be taking them to another property, once we decide to move out (hopefully not any time soon). Looked up on Gumtree and VOILA (victory in French apparently)Our fridge and the washing machine are both Hotpoint brand and actually in a really good working order.

I really do like the washing machine! We paid £100 (second hands) for it and it’s lovely! It has 8 kilograms load, which is very useful having a big family like ours. It’s pretty quiet, many options, looks fancy (lights and buttons 😀 ) and really does a great job! Continue reading Furniture that we Bought for our New Home

Happy Birthday Daniella!

So hard to believe, my not so little girl any more has turned 3 yesterday! Very happy birthday to you, our Little Angel! Mummy and Daddy love you so much!!!!!

Our day was very exciting actually. Edward unfortunately had to work, so before he left for the day, we all went to Daniella’s bedroom with a cake, singing happy birthday to her. Daniella was still asleep when we came, so her initial reaction was not very happy (see the video). 😀 But as soon as she realised what was all the fuss about, she has lightened up immediately!

After Daniella blew out the candle, we all went downstairs to check her birthday presents out. She is recently obsessed with Anna from Frozen, therefore we bought her a doll Anna. We didn’t go wrong at all, Daniella was well excited!!!

We had some of Daniella’s birthday cake for breakfast (this was her wish) and Edward went to work. Continue reading Happy Birthday Daniella!