Looking for a Nursery

Looking for a nursery in London and looking for a nursery in Stoke-on-Trent have left us with completely different experiences! Some of you may remember us, back in London, searching for a nursery for Daniella, she was about 2.5 years old. We didn’t have the smallest idea back then, that we will be leaving London soon, therefore we wanted to put our little girl in a nursery for 15 (free) hours per week after she turns 3.

Looking for a NurseryI remember, back then (in London), we visited many local nurseries and they all had waiting lists and no spaces left. We put ourselves on the list at the few of them, but were never sure if we were going to get a place.

Today, Edward took a day off work, and we went for nurseries hunting number 2. This time in Stoke-on-Trent! we had a list of places, that we wanted to visit and were really hoping to find a space available in at least one of them.

Looking for a NurseryWe firstly visited the nursery, that I thought it would suit us best, without even seeing it!  It is the closest one to our home (still about 20 minutes walk). I have heard many good reviews about this nursery from mums in our local area, and it has got outstanding Ofsted report. Therefore I was really hoping to get there (but after experience in London, I didn’t believe we would). Continue reading Looking for a Nursery

Sunday at Splash Landings Waterpark Alton Towers

Sunday at Splash Landings Waterpark Alton TowersIf you are looking for ideas to have an amazing time with you kids, to get them exhausted and to make that day special for them, this is the place to go! We spent our Sunday at Splash Landings Waterpark Alton Towers and I can confidently say, it was one of the most successful weekends ever! I am sure, my kids would agree 100%!

Sunday at Splash Landings Waterpark Alton TowersSplash Landings Waterpark caught our attention a while ago. We even tried to book couple of times, but they only had tickets available few weeks in advance – we normally don’t plan that long ahead!. 🙂 On Saturday, however, Edward just randomly checked Alton Towers Waterpark website for availability and to our surprise they had tickets available for Sunday! We had to grab this opportunity! Booked it that very same minute! 🙂

Sunday at Splash Landings Waterpark Alton TowersSo on Sunday morning, one hour late than originally planned, we finally got on the move to Splash Landings Waterpark in Alton. It was a very cold day, I was praying for the water and room temperature to be warm enough for me to enjoy! Children and Edward could probably swim in the minus temperatures, but not me! I need it to be nice and warm, almost like a bath tub, only then I will enjoy. Most of the UK swimming places are simply too cold for me… 🙁 Continue reading Sunday at Splash Landings Waterpark Alton Towers

How my 3 Children (don’t) Get Along

Probably for at least next 20 years or so I wont be able to complain, that my life is boring. The three little monkeys (my kids 😀 ) in my household would not allow me this! So much happiness, but also plenty of  headache! Life was easy when I only had one daughter, and it has become very colourful after having my other two.

How my 3 Children (don't) Get Along

There is a tricky bit when it comes to my children relationship. Obviously, Harry is 5 months old only, so I can only predict yet of  what kind of personality he is going to have later. But I can definitely already see some bits and pieces watching the three of them.

Luka (my 12 years old daughter) and Daniella (3 years old) are both very competitive. They fight over their toys, chocolate, TV programs, even Harry’s attention! If Daniella sees Luka talking to Harry or rocking him, she immediately wants to take over and in case ‘princess’ doesn’t get what she wants, she then shows everyone how loud she can be (by screaming). And, believe me, she can be loud…

How my 3 Children (don't) Get Along

Luka on the other side, often forgets, that she is 9 years older than Daniella and is always desperate to prove her point. Sometimes it really drives me crazy, I then have no choice, but show them how loud I can be, ha ha! 😀

Not all days are bad days though. Luka and Daniella can play together very nicely, when they want to. Sometimes they both put their dresses on and dance for hours. They seem to have the same taste in music – Daniella knows all Luka’s songs! It’s really lovely watching them get along. Continue reading How my 3 Children (don’t) Get Along