London VS Countryside

Six months on since we reallocated from London to Stoke-on-Trent. What a big decision it was. No one can argue- living outside London is totally different. But you know what, there is not yet a day I would regret this change. What is it in London (or any other big city), that you wouldn’t be able to get here?London VS Countryside Trentham gardening centre

London vs Countryside

London is famous for itsLondon VS Countryside trendy places, it definitely is! I used to love going out! Posh and unusual places such like Sketch or simple but so heartwarming like Brazilian place Guanabara (along with countless Caipirinha cocktails) back in London!

I would probably miss it if I was still single. Or at least if I didn’t have my 3 little monsters, that keep me busy 7 days a week. But for now, it doesn’t matter if I am in a fancy city or in a quiet countryside – not much chance for me to go out anyway, ha ha. And hey, London is not a thousand miles away. We will certainly visit those special places time to time.

Talking about restaurants, we had already found our few new local favourites! If you know us well, you must have noticed, that Edward and I are fans of a good Chinese buffet. Back in London, we used to love Cosmo, Global or Izumi (Brentwood) buffets. But in Stoke-on-Trent there is now a good buffet too – it’s Bon Pan Asian in Hanley. They do Chinese, Thai, Indian, English food as well as Sushi! Goodness me, I am getting hungry now!

London VS Countryside Bon Pan Asian Buffet

We know one nice Italian place to eat in Stoke (I can’t recall its name, sorry). We went there for my cousin’s birthday and we weren’t disappointed! I had a seafood pizza, ahhh, it was yummy!!! Continue reading London VS Countryside