Just Another Post About my Beautiful Children

I am back after the whole week off blogging. It’s been a bit busy lately, my apologies. 🙂

I was just thinking today about how fast time goes and how much my children changed during past couple of months. So here I decided to share my thoughts…Just Another Post About my Beautiful ChildrenOur youngest – Harry- is still teething, but he is not too bad recently. Harry’s top two teeth are not quite there yet, but they are so near! I can literally see them poking out at any time! Baby himself is now much more settled and calmer – I didn’t even give him medicines for the past few days.

Harry has now mastered rolling over! As soon as I put him on his back, in no time he rolls over onto his tummy and then back again! He realises he can do it and his face is priceless – full of pride and happiness when he does that. So what’s next – crawling??? Ahhh, cannot wait!!!

Daniella, my cheeky little girl, is doing well. She recently grew so much – I sometimes secretly watch her play with dollies or Peppa Pig family and I am often wondering – when did that transition happen. Last I remember, she was not very keen on playing individually. But now, she builds the whole house for her dollies, there is mummy, daddy and few (never one) children involved. Some words, that Daniella uses as well – I don’t even know where she learned them from! Even I don’t use some of those.. Something like ‘cash register’ or ‘stethoscope’.

I recently noticed that Daniella is getting very much attached to Edward (her dad). Not very long ago she was 100% mummy’s girl. If you follow my blog, you will probably remember me, while I was still pregnant, worrying about Daniella’s reaction towards her baby brother, I thought she was gonna be jealous. But she really wasn’t. She is an amazing, loving sister and a wonderful daughter. Our little girl every day really looks forward to Edward come back from work and play with her. Yesterday, just after dinner, Daniella offered her dad to play a game: ‘daddy, I will be a baby and you can be a PRINCESS (!)’, she said. 😀 It was lovely watching them together. Later Daniella was snuggled up on Edward’s lap, watching Eastenders (yeh, she loves watching Eastenders). So mummy’s little girl is now becoming daddy’s little girl. 🙂 Continue reading Just Another Post About my Beautiful Children

How my 3 Children (don’t) Get Along

Probably for at least next 20 years or so I wont be able to complain, that my life is boring. The three little monkeys (my kids 😀 ) in my household would not allow me this! So much happiness, but also plenty of  headache! Life was easy when I only had one daughter, and it has become very colourful after having my other two.

How my 3 Children (don't) Get Along

There is a tricky bit when it comes to my children relationship. Obviously, Harry is 5 months old only, so I can only predict yet of  what kind of personality he is going to have later. But I can definitely already see some bits and pieces watching the three of them.

Luka (my 12 years old daughter) and Daniella (3 years old) are both very competitive. They fight over their toys, chocolate, TV programs, even Harry’s attention! If Daniella sees Luka talking to Harry or rocking him, she immediately wants to take over and in case ‘princess’ doesn’t get what she wants, she then shows everyone how loud she can be (by screaming). And, believe me, she can be loud…

How my 3 Children (don't) Get Along

Luka on the other side, often forgets, that she is 9 years older than Daniella and is always desperate to prove her point. Sometimes it really drives me crazy, I then have no choice, but show them how loud I can be, ha ha! 😀

Not all days are bad days though. Luka and Daniella can play together very nicely, when they want to. Sometimes they both put their dresses on and dance for hours. They seem to have the same taste in music – Daniella knows all Luka’s songs! It’s really lovely watching them get along. Continue reading How my 3 Children (don’t) Get Along

How did we all Adjust to a New Baby

Soon will be two months since Harry was born. We are now going back to the normal life – all doesn’t look as new no more. I remember myself pregnant, worrying of how will we all adjust to our new baby. Especially because he wasn’t planned.  I was especially worried about Luka and Daniella. Luka likes being the centre of attention and she was already affected after Daniella was born. I was sincerely hoping it is not gonna be as hard this time for her. But my biggest worry was Daniella – she was such a mummy’s girl, I was afraid Daniella will be jealous and devastated having to share mummy’s and daddy’s hugs, cuddles and kisses with a little one. So HOW DID WE ALL ADJUST TO A NEW BABY?

How did we all Adjust to a New Baby


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