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Harry's 11 Months Old Development Update

Harry's 11 Months Old Development Update

Harry's 11 Months Old Development Update

Continue reading Harry’s 11 Months Old Development Update

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This month went even faster than any other month did!  Harry has turned 10 months old on 30th April, but even a while after the date I found myself telling to people, that our baby is still 9.5 months old and Edward was telling, that he is 9 months old! Wonderful parents we are, aren’t we? 😀

Harry's 10 Months Old Development UpdateHarry is such a big boy now! He can crawl so fast, that I have to run (not walk anymore) after him, to stop him from going to the bathroom or tasting dog’s food. Our 10 months old baby can now stand up holding on the furniture. If he sees anything on the table that he is able to reach, he will happily throw all to the floor!

Harry's 10 Months Old Development UpdateHarry’s personality is really shining through now! If Daniella has a toy, that he would like to play with, our cheeky boy starts demanding for that toy by making sounds, that really gives impression of a very strict tone of voice and he also has that serious face, to show he is not joking! 😀 You can easily guess by Harry’s body language, that he is telling Daniella off for not giving him a toy! It’s so funny to watch, trying to boss everyone around at 10 months old already, ha ha. So what is going to happen later???

Harry's 10 Months Old Development UpdateHarry’s eating is still going great. Harry likes pretty much everything, whatever is given to him. Our boy has a good appetite. I am combining Baby Led Weaning method and purees – it seems to work very well for us.

Harry's 10 Months Old Development UpdateHowever, he is not so naive no more, not very easy to trick him. For example, once I bring Harry some food, he doesn’t start eating straight away. He firstly takes his tongue out and carefully licks it. If he likes the taste, then he goes for it, if he doesn’t, there is no way to get it in his mouth. This always makes me giggle. Kids these days… 🙂 Continue reading Harry’s 10 Months Old Development Update

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Here I am, finally writing Harry’s 9 months old update! Another month, another update – time really doesn’t wait.9 months old baby boy development update

I was so sure Harry will be properly crawling by the age of 9 months old. But no. He does move around a lot – backwards, forwards, like a caterpillar, but doesn’t yet crawl. Daniella was a confident crawler at this age. Harry seems to be a little lazy (got it from his daddy I think). 🙂 Anyway, I know, that some babies don’t even crawl at all, so who knows, maybe our Harry is one of them. 🙂

9 months old baby boy development update

Besides the fact , that Harry doesn’t yet crawl, that doesn’t mean, that he sits in one place. NO-NO-NO. I can never find him where I left him! He loves navigating backwards, not seeing where he is about to go, therefore, I often find my cheeky boy under the coffee table or under the laundry rack. I can’t stop giggling while writing this, you should see his funny face when he struggles to get out. 😀9 months old baby boy development updateHary’s favourite occupation at the moment is to get himself to that same coffee table and to clear it’s bottom shelve completely- Daniella’s magazines, pencils, everything what’s there – all must go to the floor – as per our new housekeeper Harry! Only ‘few’ extra things for mummy to tidy up. 🙂

9 months old baby boy development update

This month Harry’s night sleep was definitely all over the place. I had not one and not two sleepless nights. At some point I was feeling so knackered, I thought I was reaching my limits. It was probably to do with the fever , that we all had before Easter. But thank God fever is gone, Harry sleeps much better and mummy has her energy back (the question is – for how long?). 🙂 Continue reading Harry’s 9 Months Old Update

Sildenafil ratiopharm 100mg filmtabletten kaufen

Our now 8 months old son Harry had grown another mile during past month. We are now saying goodbye to Harry’sNizagara 25mg, that was so useful, as Harry can now confidently sit on his own – I was so looking forward to this! Our baby loves sitting on the floor surrounded by toys! He is reaching for the toys that are further away, can lean on to one side or another without falling or gets himself onto his tummy when had enough of sitting. How exciting is that?! 😀

Harry's 8 Months Old UpdateAlthough Harry can sit confidently on his own, he is not yet able to sit up by himself from lying position. Unless I hold his legs. But I am sure he will learn it soon. I am not rushing at all, everything is happening too fast for my liking anyway, I will miss our boy being a baby… 🙂

Harry still loves his tummy time and he now started pulling his legs under his tummy, trying to pick himself up. And when he manages, he then rocks forwards and backwards – I remember that move with Daniella, soon after learning this, she started crawling.

Harry's 8 Months Old Update

Harry’s sleep last month was definitely with ups and downs. He had the small flu. Runny/ blocked nose was the worst part of it! Harry hates anyone touching his nose even without flu, so he was really struggling to cope with his cold. Therefore, it had affected my nights a lot. It seems all is getting better now, thank God. 🙂

Harry's 8 Months Old Update

Our 8 months old baby boy sleeps 2-3 times during the day (I actually prefer 2, because he settles for his night time sleep 1 hour earlier then). Harry’s first daytime nap is at 10.30am to 12am and the second one is at 2pm to 4.30pm. After that he easily sets to sleep for the night at/before 8pm. Continue reading Harry’s 8 Months Old Update

Harry’s 7 Months Old Update

Our little munchkin is 7 months old!

This month we started using ‘big boy’s’ (sitting) part for the pram! Harry looks so comfy there – he loves sitting up and looking around. It was really about time. We now only use a carry cot for the car seat (it’s Buy viagra online deutschland, that you can convert to a car seat), but it will soon be too small, it’s nearly time to upgrade!

Harry's 7 Months Old Update

Eating solids is going well. Actually better than I ever thought it would. I sometimes feed Harry purees, but other times we use baby led weaning method (when baby feeds himself and he can pretty much eat whatever we eat, just without salt or sugar(no need mashing)). Both methods really work! Harry is not a fussy eater so far – he accepts everything, that is given to him and I am often even worried, that he eats too much for his age! Chubby little monkey.

Harry's 7 Months Old Update

Sleeping has also got much better! Our baby still sleeps 3 times during the day – morning, afternoon and evening. Then I put him to bed for the night at around 9pm and he normally then sleeps all the way until 6am. Once he wakes up at 6am for nursing, I take him in to my bed and we both fall asleep while Harry eats. Our little one is then ready for a new day at 7.30-8am. Cannot complain, really! 🙂 Continue reading Harry’s 7 Months Old Update