Family Holiday in Turkey 2016 (IC Hotels Santai Family Resort)

It all feels like a dream now. No wonder, I am proper late with this post (what’s new ha ha). Nevertheless, our holiday in Turkey (back in September) was great. Probably that’s why it went so fast. We would have happily stayed for at least another week. But, oh well, all good things come to an end…

Family Holiday in Turkey 2016 (IC Santai Family Resort)

We booked our Turkey holiday about 4-5 months prior the actual trip and it seemed we had ages to wait!

I am not even gonna talk about holiday shopping and packing today. Trust me, it is a nightmare to pack yourself + 3 kids for a week. I am tend to think I might need EVERYTHING when it comes to packing. I would probably take the whole entire house if I could. But then there is a very limited space in luggages (even though we bought 20kg extra suitcase and had 1 hand luggage each). So at the end I had to somehow make those important packing decisions and to only pick the stuff that we could definitely not survive without.

So finally, the morning of so much waited 16th of September has come. We were finally off to the airport!!!

Family Holiday in Turkey 2016 (IC Santai Family Resort)

And then I had to face my least favourite part of our holiday – the flight. I am TERRIFIED of flying! I don’t even know why, I cannot explain, and I understand, that I am being silly here. But I just can’t help- am frightened when it comes to plane journeys. I was preparing myself for this since it was booked, but I was still feeling very tense, even lightheaded a bit.

But no choice, hey. If I wanted to get to Turkey, I had to board this damn plane. I don’t suppose I could drive there or take a train, huh? So I did board a plane at the end.

Family Holiday in Turkey 2016 (IC Santai Family Resort)

At the beginning of the flight I was not too bad actually. I thought I was holding myself together. But once I felt a slightest turbulence, that was it – I was about to cry and I didn’t even care about that sunny Turkey no more. Nearly 5 hours on the plane seemed like ages to me.

Now, believe me or not, I found a solution there. Maybe not ideal solution for a mother of 3, but, hey, it really did help and that was all that mattered! So here is my secret medicine if you are scared of flying: Continue reading Family Holiday in Turkey 2016 (IC Hotels Santai Family Resort)

5 Tips to Keep Kids Busy While Getting Things Done

Tips to Keep Kids Busy While Getting Things Done

To keep kids busy while getting things done theoretically would be ideal, but it is often hard or not at all always possible.

The moment, when your toddler walks with you into the toilet and after asking to close the door, she calmly closes it, leaving herself inside… Makes you forget why you in the toilet in the first place. 🙂

Being a mum itself is a 24/7 job. It is never-ending routine. Man will never understand this. 

Waking up – sometimes even earlier, than you would normally wake up for your daytime job, changing nappies, making breakfast. Cleaning up, doing laundry, making lunch. Putting kids to beds for the afternoon nap and tidying up again. Then you MIGHT have a little break while kids are asleep, but this is NOT always the case, as you will probably use that time for paying bills, making important calls or writing a blog, as I do!

Kids then wake up, so you change their nappies again (you have probably done that for about 5 times anyway before they went to sleep), making a little snack for them, then get on with preparing dinner, while fulfilling your babies demands: want a cartoon, want a yogurt, want to wear this dress (which is actually a sleeping dress) and not another one, don’t want to do my hair, etc…

Finally, it’s dinner time, which is just as eventful. I normally end up feeding Harry with one hand, Daniella with another (she soon gets bored of feeding herself and asks MUMMY to do it), while my own food is getting cold in front of me. Edward does try to help, but our princess often refuses to get fed by anyone else than mummy…

Reminder for myself: ask Santa for the third hand over next Christmas!

Where did I finish then. Ok, so after the dinner I am lucky enough to clean up he kitchen, always with help from my wonderful Edward- I honestly don’t know how would I cope without him. After dinner, it’s Eastenders time (ha ha). This had become a family religion. 😀 I would normally watch it while editing my blog post or catching up with other undone stuff online. And soon it’s time to get kids ready for bed (I am not even mentioning nappy changing in between no more). Once kids are ‘happily ever after’, I will finally in silence (sight) catch up with my leftover online work and at about 11pm – 12am I am off to bed.

However, it’s not the end even then. I don’t know if I can call my sleep ‘SLEEP’. It is somewhat a ‘standby mode’. In case Daniella calls from another room to fix her duvet or that she had a bad dream, in case Harry wakes up for nursing or dog starts throwing it’s bowl across the floor, as she has run out of the water. And then in no time the morning comes, and all starts all over again… I am not gonna go into the horror stories when children are ill or teething… Man will never understand this anyway… Continue reading 5 Tips to Keep Kids Busy While Getting Things Done

5 Things that I am Obsessed with

 Things that I am Obsessed withTV program- Come Dine With Me

Love it, love it, love it! I am not gonna lie, I watch it every day! Come Dine With Me- couples, Come Dine With Me- Christmas, abroad, celebrities…. EVERYTHING! It came to the point, that Edward makes that dramatic SIGHT, if I switch another TV program to Come Dine With Me. Kind of ‘NOT AGAIN’. Yes, I admit, I am obsessed! I think it is one of the best TV programs ever (my turn for a happy sight now). 🙂

Cleaning wipes

Yes, that’s what I mean. Cleaning wipes. I know, it’s kind of silly, but I can’t help it! I love cleaning wipes and I buy ridiculous amounts – for the floor, for the surface, for windows, for the microwave! I love them scented, so it leaves the sense of freshness in the house. I am aware, that the cleaning spray does very similar job, but it’s just so much easier with wipes.


And my mouth starts watering from the thought of it! Seafood is the best! Every time we eat out, I look for the seafood in a menu – calamari, prawns, mussels, lobster is definitely something I am obsessed with! If we go for holiday any time soon, I know where I want to go – somewhere, where there is a lot of SEAFOOD!

Chorizo sausage

Another ‘must have’ in the fridge. It’s not the healthiest option ever, but it’s totally delicious! I eat chorizo on it’s own. I just slice it and here it goes! Once I start, there is no end for it. I already tried a lot of different brands of chorizos. My favourite so far is the one from Sainsbury’s store (but I don’t remember the exact maker, sorry) YUMMY!!!! A strange thing about my chorizo obsession is, that I could not even look at it when I was pregnant – it was physically making me sick. But I am certainly back into my old (unhealthy) habits again! Continue reading 5 Things that I am Obsessed with

Is Having 3 Kids Embarrassing?

Is Having 3 Kids Embarrassing? Justina ivanauskieneI feel so wrong writing this. Having 3 kids was and is an amazing (often challenging) experience to me. To be honest I didn’t plan on such a big family in the first place. But now that I have, I would not change it for anything.


I did come across some mixed reactions. Especially from people, who don’t even know me (us) well. First awkward situations started as soon as I announced of my pregnancy. Thankfully most of the reactions of us having a third baby were very positive, but as we should have expected, there were some not very pleasant opinions and some of them were even humiliating. I was once told, that having 3 kids will make us look underclass or problem family. I might be stupid here, but I really don’t get WHY. My kids are all dressed up, all fed, we work, we pay tax just like other people do, so what does it have in common being underclass with having 3 kids?

If you follow my blog, you probably know, that after I gave birth to Harry we have decided to reallocate to another city. Looking for the house to rent was not easy at all. Why? Because having 3 kids is like having 3 monsters, they might destroy the house, therefore no one wants to let you in. How unfair is that??? We were told (or laughed) straight into our faces by some letting agents, that there is no way landlord will accept us, just because of having 3 kids. Seriously? Would it be better if we were just a couple that likes partying, smokes in the house, invites dodgy mates who throw up anywhere on the floor once they get drunk? Would they prefer that rather us, having 3 kids, living calm family life? Sorry, but I find it a little bit strange… Continue reading Is Having 3 Kids Embarrassing?

Harry’s 3 Months Old Update


I am so behind with everything recently. This update was meant to get posted last Wednesday – 4 days ago! It has been so crazy with all house moving stuff. But things are starting to look brighter now, I will shortly catch up with all my delays, I promise!

Yay, our little Harry is 3 months old! Gosh, how much he changes every month! He is so different, so much bigger now. Laughs out loud being tickled, loves interacting replies in his own language when we speak to him, makes funny expression when we lean forwards to kiss him – opens his mouth wide, closes his eyes tightly and gets very tense – like we are going to attack him ha ha. 😀 Continue reading Harry’s 3 Months Old Update