First Few Days at the Nursery

First Few Days at the NurseryI am sorry I haven’t been around for a while. Days are going too fast and it’s been pretty busy recently: Daniella’s very first few days at the nursery, Harry’s teething and all of us having some mild but unpleasant flu. It’s all falling back into places now, so I am back at my blog and I will try hard to keep up with my posts. 🙂

Daniella’s first few days at the nursery went better than I ever thought it would! I think she was so ready for that! We firstly went there for the induction with my toddler girl (Edward was working). I was sitting there in the play room, doing the paperwork for about an hour, while Daniella was playing around. She quickly started interacting with other children. Was clearly enjoying herself!

Our next visit to the nursery was for Daniella to stay without mummy for about an hour. To see how she gets on with it. She was a little hesitant when I was about to leave, but soon, after kissing mummy and Harry goodbye she was off to play with other children again. When I came to pick her up that day, she was not so happy to see me taking her home. I was relieved my little daughter had a good time.

Yesterday Daniella’s visit to the nursery lasted for 2.5 hours. She stayed over for lunch. Daniella didn’t want to go home again! I didn’t expect my little one will like her nursery so much. 😀 She had the remains of food around her mouth, that proved to me, that my little girl ate well! Very proud mama I was. 🙂 Before we went home she wanted to show off a bit and went independantly to the toilet. She washed her hands after and wiped them with a tissue, secretly looking at me, to make sure I was watching her. She was very confident there already! Continue reading First Few Days at the Nursery