How my 3 Children (don’t) Get Along

Probably for at least next 20 years or so I wont be able to complain, that my life is boring. The three little monkeys (my kids 😀 ) in my household would not allow me this! So much happiness, but also plenty of  headache! Life was easy when I only had one daughter, and it has become very colourful after having my other two.

How my 3 Children (don't) Get Along

There is a tricky bit when it comes to my children relationship. Obviously, Harry is 5 months old only, so I can only predict yet of  what kind of personality he is going to have later. But I can definitely already see some bits and pieces watching the three of them.

Luka (my 12 years old daughter) and Daniella (3 years old) are both very competitive. They fight over their toys, chocolate, TV programs, even Harry’s attention! If Daniella sees Luka talking to Harry or rocking him, she immediately wants to take over and in case ‘princess’ doesn’t get what she wants, she then shows everyone how loud she can be (by screaming). And, believe me, she can be loud…

How my 3 Children (don't) Get Along

Luka on the other side, often forgets, that she is 9 years older than Daniella and is always desperate to prove her point. Sometimes it really drives me crazy, I then have no choice, but show them how loud I can be, ha ha! 😀

Not all days are bad days though. Luka and Daniella can play together very nicely, when they want to. Sometimes they both put their dresses on and dance for hours. They seem to have the same taste in music – Daniella knows all Luka’s songs! It’s really lovely watching them get along. Continue reading How my 3 Children (don’t) Get Along

My Little Surprise for Edward and Video

Our very first surprises are now done and dusted! Edward did it first – he got me a book about blogging, that I really loved! I finally did my surprise last Thursday, just didn’t have time to blog about it.

When I was deciding on how shall I surprise my man, I was trying to remember of how he was feeling recently: is he missing something, what would make him feel better or was there something, that he really wanted to buy these days (I am not talking about the Garmin watch, that Edward is dreaming of, it costs nearly £300!). I just thought that he would mostly appreciate (excluding the watch) a calm, relaxing evening. So here I came up with my little tiny idea.

My Little Surprise for Edward and Video

Weekend before last, when Daniella and Edward went to London to visit grandparents, I took this opportunity of being semi free from my family, packed the remaining ones- Luka and Harry in the car and went to Intu Potteries Shopping Centre. Besides of the few other things that I bought there, I also passed by the Lush store and got a couple of lovely smelling bubble bars. You now probably know where I’m heading here. Continue reading My Little Surprise for Edward and Video

Edward did it FIRST- my Lovely Surprise!

Edward did it FIRST- my Lovely Surprise

If you read my previous post ‘Keeping relationship Alive‘, you probably know, that Edward and I came up with the idea of surprising each other, every two weeks or so. The aim is to take our minds off our 3 kids for a minute and to think of how we can get each other smile instead. It has now been a week since this decision was made and I received my first surprise already! 😀

Just to remind you, the idea was NOT to get anything expensive (expensive gifts every two weeks would be a bit too luxurious in our situation haha). As a matter of the fact it doesn’t have to involve money at all! Could be a love letter, bunch of wild flowers, or just giving a day off to another by doing house chores, dinner and (or) looking after our little monsters (kids 🙂 ). It is not the actual gift, that is important, but the thought itself, that gives us the opportunity to remember of how we can make each other feel special.

Last weekend Edward and Daniella went to London to visit  grandparents (Edward’s Mum and Dad). During one of our conversations by phone, Edward has mentioned to me, that he was going to get my surprise in Westfield’s shopping centre. I was intrigued and excited at the same time! And, believe me, Edward didn’t go wrong with what we bought for me at all! Continue reading Edward did it FIRST- my Lovely Surprise!

Keeping Relationship Alive

It is not a secret – routine can kill relationship. But routine plus 3 kids will probably kill relationship 3 times quicker! Dirty nappies, sleepless nights, mountains of laundry, cleaning up 10 times a day – not much romantic here, hugh?.. Keeping relationship alive has become a little struggle in our family at the moment. Being so busy with our babies we have limited amount of time for each other.

Best example for you – even if Edward and I plan watching the movie after we put children to sleep, it hardly ever happens. As soon as kids are in bed, we look just like this:

Keeping Relationship Alive

But no matter what, thankfully The Feeling is still here! It has now been nearly 5 years since we are together – with ups and downs, but definitely more ups than downs! As cheesy as it sounds, the truth is, I love Edward more, than I did before. Knowing what a great and loving father he is to our children and what a wonderful man he is to me, only makes this Love grow and I really do hope it continuous this way.

Last night I couldn’t fall asleep, I was thinking of us. A lot changed since we had our babies. Don’t get me wrong, it certainly didn’t change for worse. We are very happy family and we love each other very much. But it’s all about the kids now. Edward and I hardly ever have our own time. As I said, I don’t even remember when we properly watched the movie together (I am not even talking about the cinema).  I don’t want our romantic moments to die. Not in a million years! I really do want to keep this relationship alive. I know Edward wants it too. He told me this. Continue reading Keeping Relationship Alive