Semi Permanent Eyebrows in 2 Minutes- Wunderbrow Review

Semi Permanent Eyebrows- Wunderbrow ReviewTo begin with, very quickly about my previous permanent (tattooed) eyebrows experience. I had it done professionally few years back. It was OK, I didn’t regret it, but I would not do it again- it’s expensive, it doesn’t last forever (definitely not for 5 years, as they are promising), it’s pretty painful and doesn’t look natural. Now, that my eyebrows had faded, I had to look for another solution to make it look as nice and as natural, as possible.

During the past couple of years, I have tried many different products for eyebrows – some were ok, some of them not very good. But nothing wowed me ever until I discovered Wunderbrow.

Wunderbrow advertisement accidentally appeared on my facebook feed one day. It caught my eye, as it was promising long lasting eyebrows (for about 5 days if used correctly), no smudging, natural look and waterproof. Sounded like a perfect eyebrow kit for me!

It finally had my full attention, because of many great reviews and happy customers, that were thanking Wunderbrow for the amazing product. After googling it and checking Amazon reviews and elsewhere, it all seemed even more convincing – there were 99% positive comments across the internet. I had to give it a go.

Semi Permanent Eyebrows- Wunderbrow ReviewI bought Wunderbrow eyebrows kit from Amazon. I was struggling while choosing the colour, though. From the first glance, it looks pretty clear- Wunderbrow comes in 4 different colours – Blonde, Black/Brown, Auburn, Brunette. So the name says it all. BUT. After watching some videos tutorials and googling photos of people using Wunderbrow, I discovered, that their blond shade, (that would obviously be recommended to me, because of my hair colour) is almost invisible.It for sure would not be good enough for me. I like my eyebrows pretty dark. Almost too dark for my look. So after long thinking I have decided to get the darkest (!!!) Wunderbrow colour – Black/Brown.

My ‘new eyebrows’ arrived next day, packed in a little box. There were two items inside – a brush, very similar to the one from mascara and a bottle with the product itself. I was so excited to try! Continue reading Semi Permanent Eyebrows in 2 Minutes- Wunderbrow Review

Christmas Plans

Christmas Plans

You might be already fed up with my Christmas posts by now. Sorry if you are, but that’s how we live these days – it’s all about Christmas! Shopping, preparing, planning, decorating, etc… Getting busier as we get closer!

This Christmas we will have Edward’s family visiting- mum, dad and brother. They are coming from London and will be staying for a few days. We are all very excited, Edwards parents will be visiting for the first time since we reallocated. We hope they will enjoy it here. Lola and Lolo are missing their grandchildren and children are missing them. Daniella in particular. She keeps on asking me pretty much every two hours, if Lola and Lolo are coming today. 😀

Luka wont be with us during Christmas this year. She went to London on Saturday to see her dad and they will be flying to Lithuania tomorrow to enjoy celebrations with her Lithuanian grandparents. Luka was looking forward to this holiday for so long. She was hoping to see snow in Lithuania, but, to be honest, I don’t think it will happen – it’s far too warm this year!

Edward and I done one part of our Christmas shopping last weekend.  We got pretty much all the presents, that we needed to get (not for each other yet!!!), also some more Christmas decorations for the house along with Christmas crackers. In terms of food we bought nice cuts of beef and gammon for roasting – it will be served for Christmas dinner and some vegetables. We are still due for proper grocery shopping tomorrow or on Wednesday. Continue reading Christmas Plans

Family Christmas Pyjamas

Family Christmas Pyjamas

Can you believe there are 7 sleeps only left till Christmas??? I cannot! I remember myself thinking, that Harry is gonna be so big – nearly 6 months old this Christmas and it seemed miles away! But time really doesn’t wait. Christmas is just around the corner and I have decided to write a post about some lovely Family Christmas Pyjamas, that we recently bought.

Getting Christmas Pyjamas instead of Christmas jumpers this year, was my idea! Everyone is crazy about Christmas jumpers these days, I wanted to be somewhat different. The idea was there, but it wasn’t as simple as I thought it would be. Family Christmas pyjamas seemed nowhere to be found. At least not in UK. I checked many online stores and sadly couldn’t locate anything suitable. I thought I will have to get this silly idea out of my head and go traditional instead.

Family Christmas Pyjamas

And yeh, after unsuccessful browsing the internet, we thought we had no choice, but to go ahead with Christmas Jumpers, as normal people do. Oh well, they are still cute (jumpers).

Continue reading Family Christmas Pyjamas