Reallocating: House Hunting Round two!


I am sorry I haven’t been around for a while. We had a stressful week- the house that we wanted to rent in Stoke-on-Trent was given to someone Reallocating: House Hunting Round two!else. Our project ‘reallocating’ has become pretty stressful all of a sudden. 🙁

We had a feeling we wont be getting the first house we wanted anyway. From the very beginning things were not going right. We were extremely unlucky with the agency or the actual agent that we were dealing with. Cameron from Goodchilds lettings agency in Stoke-on-Trent seemed completely uninterested to assist us and the whole process was very disorganised, long and disappointing.

Two weeks ago, when we decided to apply for the first house, we had to go to Goodchilds lettings agency to pay £250 to secure the house (we had it refunded later on). After paying, we left the agency with a bitter feeling- agent Cameron wasn’t very friendly towards us. He was not rude, but we had a strong feeling, he didn’t like us at all. We just kept quiet, as we really wanted that house.. More about it in my previous blog post HERE.

Few days after just confirmed the feeling. Edward and I tried our best to communicate with the agency, to pass references on as soon as possible, etc. However Cameron didn’t rush with anything. Was so frustrating, as he did not even bother replying to our emails. He also lied to us, that he has emailed referencing forms to our current employers and current agency, even though he only did it after we gave him some pressure – nearly two weeks after submitting application. Continue reading Reallocating: House Hunting Round two!

Reallocating: Trip to Stoke-on-Trent for House Hunting

This was our first trip to Stoke-on-Trent since we decided to reallocate. It’s just about time to start house hunting. Our moving out date in Romford is 25th of September. Less than a month to go!

We were planning to get here on Wednesday in the evening. That day I was going to pick up Luka from the airport and after Edward finishes work we all wanted to get going. Unfortunately on the way home from the airport poor Daniella threw up in the car followed by super high temperature, so we decided to stay home that night..

The morning after, on Thursday, Daniella seemed to feel a little bit better, but still had temperature. We have decided to leave her at Edward’s parents – 3 hours trip would have been too tiring for her.. We couldn’t cancel our trip to Stoke-on_Trent, as Edward was given Thursday and Friday off, that doesn’t happen every day, so it was an opportunity for us to see houses together. It was heartbreaking though to leave our princess being so poorly. At least we all knew she was in good hands. Continue reading Reallocating: Trip to Stoke-on-Trent for House Hunting

A New Chapter: Reallocating!

justina ivanauskiene reallocating

I cannot believe it is happening! After 8 long years living in London here is our new chapter: reallocating to Stoke-On-Trent at the end of September. Exciting and scary!..

Life in London became ridiculously expensive. We really had enough. No matter how hard you work, it is never enough. Rent, bills, travelling and other expenses take everything you have. London is overpriced big time.  It’s time for a change!

Job opportunity for Edward came across recently and after long discussions, weighing up pluses and minuses we have decided to reallocate. Whole 3 hours drive, 178 miles away from London. The saddest thing about all this, that we will be so very far away from Edward’s parents and my sister and her family, who lives in London.. But hey, we are not moving to another country. We will definitely come to visit as often as possible! Continue reading A New Chapter: Reallocating!