Harry’s 1 month old update

I cannot believe I am writing Harry’s one month old update already. Time is flying. (I know, I always say that, but it’s really unbelievable how fast it goes!).
one month old baby boy

It’s amazing how much baby’s grow in only few weeks. Harry has changed a lot! Comparing his very first pictures and recent pictures he looks like a different baby.
Our nicest event really melting my heart from the past week is that our baby now smiles to us when we talk to him. He loves our attention and seems to be a really cheerful baby. I am sure we are gonna get more and more of his lovely smile. I really cannot get enough of it!

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My Labour Video

My Labour story

It’s been already nearly one month since our baby Harry was born! I sometimes really wish days wouldn’t go so crazy fast. I remember when I just found out I was pregnant, those 9 months looking ahead felt like forever. But look at us now! Our little baby is already with us and he is nearly 1 month old…

Sometimes I look at our little Harry (I could look at him for hours) and I try to memorise his face, his little hands, his toes. I try to record in my memory of how he looks today, as I do know, those first days will go so fast, I don’t want to ever forget of how he looked today or how he looked when he was just born.. He has changed so much already…

I am ‘only’ one month late with this video. But it is better later than never, as I always say. These are the moments from that so very important day when we first saw baby Harry. When he was just born.

I have to apologise for the quality of some videos (some of them were taken by phone) and the sound is really no great.

So, ladies and gentlemen, as promised, my labour video is below! (You can read my labour story HERE)

My Daily Cleaning Routine (in pictures)

I was never into any kind of routine before. It used to make me bored and uninterested. Starting with my work – I used to like changing my shifts from morning to evening and the other way around and finishing with my house – loved swapping furniture around, changing colour themes, etc. I thought I will never be a good housewife – cleaning and cooking was never my thing, I much preferred to go to work rather than stay home and do all house chores. My priorities have changed since I found myself settled with my current family and especially after I had Daniella and Harry, my two lovely children. (I had my first one, Luka, when I was quite young and far not settled yet).

I can finally call myself an adult. I grew to love taking responsibility for the cleanliness of our home as well as cooking. I now have my routine with pretty much everything and (surprise, surprise) I really love it!
One of my everyday routines is cleaning of course. I will be honest here, our house looks like a war zone every morning, no matter how tidy it was left the evening before, when we went to sleep. After Luka gets ready for school, Edward rushes to work, Daniella plays with her toys in the mean time, I normally find myself in a place, that looks like after earthquake or some other horrible disaster. All for me to take care of.
I am not functioning in the morning without some breakfast and a cup of tea. Therefore as a very first thing when I wake up I have my quick breakfast while catching up with things on my laptop or computer. And then my day starts.

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Harry’s 3rd Week Update


Another week passed by too fast with our precious baby Harry. We are now exactly three weeks old, that’s unbelievable – where did the time go???

3 weeks old baby boy harry manzano

Not much changed during this week. Harry still likes his sleep, wakes up once or twice a night. I had two sleepless nights though in a past few days, but surprisingly not because of our baby boy. Actually Daniella  had troubles sleeping. One night her nose started bleeding and she got panicking. Therefore she could not sleep afterwards, keeping me awake, of course. And another night she just kept on waking up screaming for me. Both mornings after I woke up completely shattered!  Continue reading Harry’s 3rd Week Update

Glossybox July 2015

After so many baby related posts recently, it is actually nice to change the topic a bit. I received my July’s Glossybox couple of days ago, French themed, looking fabulous!

Glossybox July 2015

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