Valentine’s Day

valentine's day

As I have mentioned in my previous post, we didn’t plan anything extraordinary for this Valentine’s Day. I even ordered Edward not to buy me any flowers – I feel it’s such a rip-off- prices are doubled or tripled on everything to do with the celebration. And, honestly, I don’t think, that my man MUST buy me flowers, just because it is Valentine’s Day! I will appreciate them much more on any other day when he gets them because he feels like it and not because everyone does it.

And now I feel good, cos I don’t fall into that ‘because everyone does’ category (at least not on this occasion)! Happy with myself. 🙂

St Valentine’s Day itself, I, however, have nothing against about. I actually love it. I think the idea is really nice. It is important to celebrate love. So we did kind of celebrate, but in a very much our own – non-commercial way.

On Valentine’s day morning, Edward was the first one to wake up and we were all soon greeted by Valentine’s day kisses from him! I know, he is still so romantic and lovely! 🙂 We then went to make breakfast together. We had decided to have paninis (some people have it for lunch, but we do like filling breakfast). When our paninis were done, we attempted to make some romantic hearts on it by using mayonnaise and ketchup. Believe me, it’s harder than it looks! It didn’t come out perfect, but the thought was there and that’s what counts! (All worst hearts are Edward’s by the way haha :D)

valentine's day romantic breakfast

We called our kids downstairs and all had lovely breakfast. We then tidied up the house and Edward went to clean a car while children and I were getting ready to go out. And NOP, we didn’t go to the posh restaurant, not even the cinema. We took our babies to the soft play! Yeh, soft play. And, honestly, I don’t think they would have been any happier if we took them to the restaurant! They were literally thrilled to go to soft play for some fun! Continue reading Valentine’s Day

Planning Valentine’s Day with Kids

Maybe I shouldn’t say ‘planning Valentine’s day’, as this year we don’t really plan. Not Valentine’s day at least. Don’t worry, I didn’t give up on my relationship with Edward, no no no, not at all, but I just came to realize, that Valentine’s Day is so over materialized. There is not much romance left in it no more. Everything you do on Valentine’s Day is so overpriced.  You overpay and you hardly get any quality, comfort, not even a romantic atmosphere for it.Planning Valentine's Day with Kids

Last year’s Valentine’s day is a good example. I was pregnant with Harry. We bought cinema tickets for 50 Shades of Gray movie and booked our local Italian restaurant for romantic dinner after. The restaurant seemed to have lovely Valentine’s Day menu, I already knew what I was gonna get – scallops for the starter, seafood pasta for main. I wasn’t that fussed about the desert. It was scallops that made my mind up to go to exactly that restaurant. It was proper craving for seafood time!

The movie was ok, considering, that it was a while, since we last been to the cinema. Therefore, we quite enjoyed it. However, booking the restaurant was a mistake. It was crowded, more tables set up than usual to obviously make more business on such a busy day. I remember, we had to wait for about 40 minutes for someone to take our order. And to my huge disappointment, they had run out of the scallops! Continue reading Planning Valentine’s Day with Kids