Family Vlogs Category Introduction

I have decided to add one more category to my blog- FAMILY VLOGS. We love taking camera wherever we go. New videos are piling up- many of them are not edited or never put together. I am hoping, that my new Family Vlogs category over my blog will give me a tiny bit more motivation on putting all recorded memories together. I really hope you will find it interesting too!

Honestly, I am far from PRO at making/editing videos. But I do my best to make it bearable. I have a fair collection of family videos on my Youtube channel by now – starting from few years back, when Daniella was a baby, then when Harry was born and several pretty recent ones. If you would like to check them out, you are welcome to visit my Youtube Channel HERE.

In this post I am sharing our few most recent videos that you might have already seen. If you haven’t, check them out and let me know what you think! x

The video below is from one of our beautiful weekends. We visited a lovely place, called The Heights of Abraham in the Peak District. It was a great day out with family and friends – what a beautiful place! We are certainly going back there as soon, as the weather gets better – there is loads more to explore!

Another video below is called Daniella’s Bank Holiday Weekend. Daniella is now 3.5 years old. Our little girl is normally very shy. But recently I realised, that she is pretty confident in front of the camera – not like her mummy at all! Therefore, I prefer filming Daniella rather than filming myself and she seems to love it! 🙂 Continue reading Family Vlogs Category Introduction