Keeping Relationship Alive

It is not a secret – routine can kill relationship. But routine plus 3 kids will probably kill relationship 3 times quicker! Dirty nappies, sleepless nights, mountains of laundry, cleaning up 10 times a day – not much romantic here, hugh?.. Keeping relationship alive has become a little struggle in our family at the moment. Being so busy with our babies we have limited amount of time for each other.

Best example for you – even if Edward and I plan watching the movie after we put children to sleep, it hardly ever happens. As soon as kids are in bed, we look just like this:

Keeping Relationship Alive

But no matter what, thankfully The Feeling is still here! It has now been nearly 5 years since we are together – with ups and downs, but definitely more ups than downs! As cheesy as it sounds, the truth is, I love Edward more, than I did before. Knowing what a great and loving father he is to our children and what a wonderful man he is to me, only makes this Love grow and I really do hope it continuous this way.

Last night I couldn’t fall asleep, I was thinking of us. A lot changed since we had our babies. Don’t get me wrong, it certainly didn’t change for worse. We are very happy family and we love each other very much. But it’s all about the kids now. Edward and I hardly ever have our own time. As I said, I don’t even remember when we properly watched the movie together (I am not even talking about the cinema).  I don’t want our romantic moments to die. Not in a million years! I really do want to keep this relationship alive. I know Edward wants it too. He told me this.

So we had a little conversation and we both agreed on the fact, that we have forgotten about each other in a way and that we need to make some extra effort to get some sparkle back into our lives. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not as bad as it might sound- Edward still sends me romantic love messages nearly every second day (and I reply to him romantically too), we kiss goodnight or good morning and we do say ‘I love you’ to each other, but we do sometimes forget making that extra step one for another. And we really want to fix it sooner rather than later.

Keeping Relationship Alive

Keeping relationship alive is never easy, especially after many years together. So we came up with a little idea:

At least once every two weeks (can be more often if we wish to) we will have to make a little surprise for each other. Won’t have to be anything big. Could be flowers, special dinner, love letter or a cute little present. Something, that we put some thought in. I’m hoping this to distract us at least slightly from thinking about kids for once and make us remember each other instead. I am sure it’s benefiting our babies as well, they surely want to see their mummy and daddy smiling. 🙂

So this is our little plan that we start living from today. Nothing big, but I believe it will play a lovely part in keeping relationship alive and will help us remember of how much we love each other and how lovely is to put a smile on the face of people who mean so much to you. I will let you guys know, what surprises we did and if the whole idea worked for us. I am already thinking of what I can do for Edward (but most importantly of how he is going to surprise me (COME ON ED’S!!!!) 😉 ).my life, my passion

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